My current favourites #1 “DE”

Unbezahlte Werbung

It is time to speak about my little obsessions I have at the moment. I get obsessed with things very very easy and sometimes get away from the things I loved for a moment as quickly as I started loving them. So let’s just start with my current favourites.

James and Oliver Phelps; the Weasly twins

Maybe because I am doing the OWLs readathon at the moment I really got obsessed with Harry Potter again. I had to kill some time and went on youtube and youtube just knows me the best I guess because it suggested a Q&A pannel with the Weasly twins from a year ago or so to me. They were invited to Oxford and basically answered all the Harry Potter questions the people there had.
I started watching it and wasn’t expecting much from it, but a few minutes in I literally was cry laughing because these two are the funniest and nicest people ever. Now I am watching every interview of them I can find and got a little bit obsessed with them.

Die Wohngemeinschaft – Mallorca

Nachdem Wiedersehen mit der Mädchen und Jungs WG gibt es jetzt neue Folgen von der Wohngemeinschaft mit den Jungs und Mädels aus Mallorca. Ich fand das Zusammentreffen der ersten Staffel schon echt interessant, aber ich muss sagen dass mir das Treffen mit der Mallorca-Gruppe nochmal viel viel mehr zusagt. Ich freu mich echt immer die neue Folge zu schauen.

Zalando – Outlet

Sparen ist ja so ne Sache, vor allem wenn man das Zalando Outlet für sich entdeckt. Ich mache hierzu noch einmal einen separaten Beitrag, aber ich bin glaube ich ein bisschen zu oft dort. Finde allerdings echt tolle Sachen, also bin ich nicht zu böse mit mir.


I really got back into reading which I think is amazing. Again not the best for my bank account because I am buying quite a lot of new books, but yeah. It’s really great to dive into new worlds and read books that are more out of my comfort zone.

Instagram/ taking photos

I go through an “loving/hating” Instagram relationship but at the moment I really enjoy it. I got some new filters to edit my photos with so that’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy taking the photos outside. The only bad thing is that it’s so hot here that you literally can’t go outside and now I am in a photo-crazy-mood and can’t live it full out. But as soon as it’s getting a little chillier, I am back with it.

Now I would love to hear what you are obsessing over at the moment. Maybe a new book you got, or a new TV show?

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6 Replies to “My current favourites #1 “DE””

  1. I love your new Insta feed, it’s so fun. I try to catch up as much as I can, but I’m not spending a lot of time on Insta or posting a lot. I try to do it at least once a week, but I fail haha. Lovely favorites, your new photos are soo good. xx

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