A list of my favourite youtubers #2

Unbezahlte Werbung

I really enjoyed sharing my first post in this new series with you. I talked about why I love watching Kristin Johns videos so much and you seemed to like it too. That’s why I am going to share the next youtuber I absolutely love with you today.

Kiara Madisen

I watch Kiara for a pretty long time now. I discovered her because of her college videos. I was on the hunt for a youtuber at my age doing things I do which was going to University. Kiara immediately became one of my favourite youtubers and

Here are the reasons why I love her so much:

1. Her super quirky and fun personality

I always wonder what people think of my personality because Kiara’s is just great. She is a super fun and lovely person and always has the power to make me feel better and motivate me for anything.

2. Motivation

I really enjoy watching people who motivate me and make me feel better. When I wasn’t feeling like wanting to study I just put one of Kiara’s study videos on and really got pumped up for it. I think that’s such a cool thing if you can motivate others to work hard on yourself.

3. No drama headlines

I wrote this in my last blog post, but I just have to mention it again. I think we are over these crazy headlines that just want you to click on the video for views. Thanks Kiara for not doing that.

4. Answering comments

I know that some youtubers just became too big to answer everyones comments but I also think that a lot of them just don’t care that much about it anymore. I always get excited when Kiara answers one of my comments, which she does pretty much every single time. She also does that on Instagram and it’s just such a cool connection to have.

5. Great music taste

It’s hard to play music in videos because you just get copyrighted but I still love when people really try to find free music and just don’t use the same song over and over and over again.

6. Really down-to-earth and chilled videos

I really like that Kiara stays on such a chilled and down-to-earth level. I always feel I can relate to her and see myself in her in different parts of her life. She never seems like the followers got to her head and she always sparks joy of doing youtube for fun which I really like.

7. Constantly uploading videos

If I find a new youtuber to watch I pretty much binge-watch all of their videos in a few days. The not so great thing is when they don’t upload videos regular and you have to wait for a long time before the next one comes. Kiara uploads a video every week and sometimes even two which is just great because when I like a youtuber I want to watch as many videos of them as possible.

Now I would love to hear if you know and maybe already love Kiara Madisen‘s channel. Let me know what you think of her in the comments below.

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