Unbezahlte Werbung

I wanted to do “Blogust” this month, blogging everyday in August. I already missed a blog post yesterday, but I am not ready to give my blogging month up.

Today I want to share my new favourite lipsticks with you. I am definitely not a beauty blogger but I really fell in love with them and wanted to share them with you.

Maybelline Super stay matte ink lipsticks

How I discovered them

I am following a girl @jenniferm on Instagram. Recently she was in a video with a german youtuber and she answered questions whilst getting ready. She mentioned that the one lipstick is her favourite one and I got really interested in it because it looked so nice on her.
I usually go for red or berry lipsticks but this time I stepped out of my comfort zone and got a nude shade which is so not me at all. But I love it.

Why do I like these lipsticks

You almost apply these lipsticks like you would apply a lipgloss. At first they are very creamy but then they dry and get super matt which I love having. And they literally stay on all day, like I am not joking.

– application
– matt finish
– stay on all day long

How much do they cost

I do have to admit that they are really not cheap. Maybelline is a drugstore brand but the lipsticks still cost nearly 8 Euros which I think is quite expensive. But I am really happy with the colour range and that they stay on all day so I got myself three of them already.

The colours I choose

I went for Dancer 118 (red), Lover 15 (berry) and Seductress 65 (nude) so far and I really love every shade. It’s really nice to have a little collection of them and choose a different colour everyday.

Have you heard of these lipsticks before? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by: @gluecksgeist
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8 Replies to “My new favourite lipsticks”

  1. These shades are SO pretty! I especially love the red! I am always on the hunt for a long lasting lipstick. I also had no idea Blogust was a thing until I read another post and now yours! Can’t wait to read your posts! ❤

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