Adventures in your own backyard

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I know it can be quite hard not feeling like you are missing out when all of the people on Instagram start posting their photos form their amazing Bali trips. Sometimes it can put you a bit down not being able to spend that holiday, but today I hope I can make you feel better and make you experience little adventures in your backyard.

There are so many cool, cute, incredible, unique places around you.

I know everything that you don’t have near you always looks so much better, but there are amazing places you are able to visit this summer.

Tips on how to find your summer adventures:

1. Google

Seems a bit easy, but just type in your city and browse on what your city is know for. I live in the same town for more than 20 years and still haven’t managed to see every corner of it.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is amazing for finding unique spots around you. Again, type in your city and see what’s coming up. What Pinterest does really well is recommending you also other things which are near your city. Perfect to plan a little day trip and explore.

3. Instagram

The great thing about Instagram is that there are so many people who use it daily. I think you can find an account for literally everything these days. I personally like to follow city guide sites of my city or cities that aren’t so far away because they keep you updated with what is going on and share all the best places the town has to offer with you.

4. Explore yourself

The best places you find by just going on a little walk. The internet is a great thing but often you find the best things when you aren’t even looking for them so be patient, don’t expect too much and just go and explore.

And last but not least I just want to say that we don’t have to do these things for the online world. Do them for you, to get yourself outside and make you feel happy. Take the photos for you to remember these days.

I hope you have the best summer, holiday or weekend adventure. Let me know your tips on finding cool places to visit in the comments below.

Written by: @gluecksgeist
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Instagram: @gluecksgeist

12 Replies to “Adventures in your own backyard”

  1. Love this so much! It is so funny because I could not wait to leave my hometown, but I now love visiting because there really are so many beautiful places to visit and explore. These pictures are stunning too! Your photography is on point beauty! ❤

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  2. This places looks so cool! If you live in the UK (or even if you are visiting), the National Trust always has really cool places to visit either near you or wherever you are visiting and they make for some incredible photos. xx

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