How to live a less stressful life

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I think I am currently very good at stressing myself, for no particular reason. But I don’t sleep that good anymore and just need to calm down a bit so I decided to set myself a few rules for the next days and see if they (hopefully) work out.

Rules for a less stressful life

1. Don’t think so much (overthinking)

How I want to change that: Whenever I feel like I am thinking too much about a thing or situation I am going to read a book or do something creative.

2. Less Instagram-browsing

I don’t think I do it crazy much, but I also think it would be good to spend a bit less time on that platform. That’s why I am setting myself these little rules for my Instagram-time: I can only open the app twice a day and not right after I wake up.

3. No phone right before I go to bed

Instead: Reading. I think there is nothing better for me than reading a book. I don’t think that anything else really calms me down and makes my brain sleepy, if that makes sense. So I am going to do that and try to stop using my phone an hour before I go to bed.

I think you shouldn’t set yourself too many crazy goals at ones, so these are the three ones I want to start working on. I would love to hear if you have any tipps on calming yourself down and just live a bit less stressful.

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8 Replies to “How to live a less stressful life”

  1. Whenever I find myself overthinking or going into a panic mindset, I always put on my headphones and blast an upbeat song really loudly (provided I am somewhere where I can do this). If I can, I try to dance along as well. It is actually really good at helping me calm down and rationalise, I would recommend. xx

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