Unbezahlte Werbung

A few weeks ago (maybe even months) I had the idea to create a sort of book where I can keep all of my favourite bloggers in. I wanted it to be like the Friends-Books you would exchange in school that are already prepared with the same questions for everybody and you get it back and read the answers.

This way you really can see the difference between all these amazing bloggers and maybe get to know a few more you are going to love.

Today’s first entry is from the amazing

Simple Serenity, Azra

Azra was one of the first people I asked if she was interested in this new blog series and she immediately send me the pages back which made me so so happy.

I do not own the rights to this image

I am following her for a pretty long time now and I still love her blog so much. Azra blogs about anything beauty related and I always like to check before I buy a new beauty product to see if she would recommend it or not.
She also started writing Outfit-posts which I really enjoy reading. Let’s see how she filled the Blogger-Book in.

You can see by the date that it took me quite a while to finally start this new series, but that only makes me more excited for it.

I really love how confident Azra is and I loved the way she answered these questions.

I hope you enjoy this new little series on my blog. I think it’s a fun way to share some amazing people with you and get to know them even better. Thanks so much for taking part in this!

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12 Replies to “The Blogger-Book #1”

  1. Oh I enjoyed answering these questions and working on this with you. I love design of book you came out with, it looks gorgeous. I’m looking forward to these series, I want to know more wordpress bloggers, lately I didn’t meet any new ones. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. xx

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