A list of my favourite youtubers #3

Unbezahlte Werbung

I love watching youtube videos and pretty much prefer it over TV. I started this series to share my favourite youtubers with you. In my last blog post I shared the reasons on why I love watching Kiara Madisen so much. Today I am going to share the next youtuber with you; hint: it’s a proud Hufflepuff.

Yes, today I am going to talk about


I mentioned Abigail in a few blog posts of mine before because I watch and love her for a long time now.

Here are the reasons why I love her channel so much:

1. A true Hufflepuff and Harry Potter fan

It’s just so great when you find people that are obsessing over the same things you do. I really love Harry Potter a lot and I love how much Abigail loves it as well. There’s pretty much at least one magical thing in her videos every single time and it just makes me feel so good watching her magical videos. I always want to read the books after watching her.

2. Her bookstore vlogs

I love reading, but I do have times where I forget about it a little bit. Abigail always gets me out of that habit with her reading and bookstore vlogs. I pretty much order a book every single time after seeing her getting new ones which is a little problem, but I can’t be too mad about that. She shares some great books in her videos and because of her I read the book Again, but better which was just a great read.

3. Her super chilled and sweet personality

I talked about this with notesbylaura and we both just said that we love how chilled and sweet she is in every of her videos. You really calm down watching her videos and I love that. Whenever I feel stressed I just put a video of hers on and calm myself down.

4. Her very cute cats

I am not really a cat person but her cats are just so cute and I love seeing them in her videos. They always remind me of the cats in the Harry Potter movies.

5. Her Starbucks obsession – the pink drink

I really love seeing when people love things and are passionate about them. I think it’s so fun to see Abigail getting her favourite drink from Starbucks over and over again. That makes me feel better about eating pasta pretty much every single day.

6. Answering comments

I just love when youtubers take the time to read your comments and reply to them. You always feel super special and happy about it and it always brightens up my day whenever I read her answer.

Have you heard of Abigailscupoftea before? Let me know in the comments below.

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