Unbezahlte Werbung

Today I am sharing a little city/town trip with you. There is a very old looking town I really wanted to explore so I decided to head there on my third summer exploring day.

Getting there

That was a bit stressful that day because not all the trains worked and went there but in the end I found one and got there. Again, it was very hot that day which I wasn’t expecting because it looked quite chilly so I was super hot after minutes.

Exploring the town

I had some troubles walking around because they had the market going on that day. I did arrive after the market was finished but they had to clear everything up so I didn’t have the best opportunity walking around because there were cars everywhere.
I tried to find cute little streets to take photos at but cars came by and by and I only managed to snap a quick shot in the end.

Google maps

After a while I got tired of walking around and decided to head home and maybe get there another day again.
I did not find the way back though for a bit but thanks to google maps I made it home. I did see some very pretty spots though because I was just walking around which I would recommend doing. I always try to explore these places without my phone because I don’t want to be glued down to it but I needed a little bit of help finding the station again.

What I’ve learned:
Don’t go there on a Wednesday

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