My summer adventures #4

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Unbezahlte Werbung

Having a new favourite photo spot? Yes I did go back to my new favourite park and wanted to explore it some more. The last time I went there it was quite crowded so I went there earlier to have the opportunity to take a few more photos and I am glad I did that.

I think I arrived there at 10am and left the park at around 11am which was a great time. There were a lot of kindergarten groups and people working there but that was super fine.

Taking the photos

I did mention a few times before that I can get a little bit shy taking my photos in public when I’m on my own.

But not this time

I don’t know why but I just enjoyed taking the photos. I had so much fun and didn’t care if people see me or not. I just should have had a little look at the battery of my camera because it died after a bit but I guess that’s just a good excuse to head back there.

My outfit

…. didn’t love it that day but decided to take photos in it anyway. My shoes just didn’t go with the outfit, but I guess everyone struggles with the fashion sometimes. And it was a great excuse to get some new shoes afterwards which I am obsessed with!

I did have a good time there. I think I just need to take some water with me next time because it was hot and maybe charge my camera before heading out. Did you forget to charge your camera before going out to take photos?

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