A list of my favourite youtubers #6

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Today I am sharing some super cool youtubers with you. I am still so happy that I discovered them over a year ago or so and I love watching their videos so much. They made me love the colour orange and got me obsessed over blue even more.

Do you already have an idea who I am talking about?

Bryce and Hailey

I just have to say it again, I love these guys so much! I think the first video I’ve watched of them was one of their thrift videos. Now they share some incredible travel videos from New York to Switzerland.

Why I love them so much?

They are really down-to-earth people. They share things they like in a very down-to-earth way and just spread so much positivity and happiness. I always feel good watching their videos because they are really chilled and calm which I’m looking for in a good youtube video.

Connecting to the people

Although they can’t answer every single comment they really try and make an effort to like your comments and respond or even repost your stories on Instagram. I think it’s really cool if you get the chance to have a little conversation with people you really like to watch so I really like that they are doing that.

My favourite videos from them

Okay, they have some really great videos on their channel but my favourite ones so far are from their incredible road-trip. They went all the way to San Francisco just by driving there and had some really cool stops on the way there and back. I really wanted to do a road-trip like them after watching these videos. So cool to be able to feel a little bit like you were there too.

Have you heard of these two before? Let me know in the comments below.

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3 Replies to “A list of my favourite youtubers #6”

  1. I have only ever heard of them from you talking about them in previous posts! They sound like such cool YouTubers, I love it when YouTubers interact with their followers rather than us just watching and liking their posts as it makes them seem more real and likeable. xx


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