Shiny pink glitter Gesichtsmaske – Review ♡ Glücksgeist

German post Ich war heute mal wieder beim DM und während ich nach den 3 Sachen geschaut hab die ich eigentlich kaufen wollte, hat meine Schwester neue Gesichtsmasken entdeckt. Ich liebe Gesichtsmasken und musste natürlich eine mitnehmen und ausprobieren. Ich muss sagen dass ich erst ein kleines bisschen enttäuscht war als ich die Packung aufgemacht…… Continue reading Shiny pink glitter Gesichtsmaske – Review ♡ Glücksgeist

Beauty Haul ♡ Glücksgeist

I really wanted to get some new make up products. I’ve had mine for a while and wanted to try some new things. It’s just nice to have new things to play around with and I am very happy with everything I got. First of all I got these brushes from ‘Essence’. I really wanted…… Continue reading Beauty Haul ♡ Glücksgeist

Closet tour – what’s in my Kleiderschrank ♡ Glücksgeist

in German + English September 7, 2018 Today I decided to clean out my room and especially my closet. I wanted to do this for ages and today I felt ready for it. It always gets so much more untidy before you can see some progress. It took me a few hours but now I’m…… Continue reading Closet tour – what’s in my Kleiderschrank ♡ Glücksgeist

My very new blog design ♡ Glücksgeist

I lost the motivation to blog and when I decided to start blogging again it still didn’t feel that right. So I decided to give my blog a full on make-over and really change every single thing of it. I’ve done this before and usually changed it in a day, but this time it took…… Continue reading My very new blog design ♡ Glücksgeist