Geschenke für Mama

Finally the presents for my mum arrived. I was so happy that I can give them to her now and I am so excited to see what she thinks about them. Check out the story why it took so long to get these presents here.

First of all as a little something to put on top of the presents I got her three face masks, she loves doing face masks as much as I do and a disposable camera, these are so cool and the pictures are so unique.

For decorations I bought these heart shaped balloons. 

Now let’s start with the main presents. (They are all from ASOS)

First of all I got her this cute scarf. 

I am so pink obsessed and my mum is too so I know she’s going to love it. And maybe I can borrow it every now and then ;).

Of course I also got her a card which I love so much.

Currently wearing my donut socks.

Then I got her these adorable glitter socks. My mum loves pineapple and watermelon so these fitted perfectly! 

Nearly kept them for myself because I love them so much.

And because she loves pineapple I also got her this:

How adorable is this? You can write a little message on it and it lights up! I am so obsessed with this and love it so much!

I think this adds something so nice to your room. I am so happy with all of the presents I got for my mum. Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite.

Together with my cake I think these are some great presents, and I got her tons of hugs too.

Check out what cake I made for her here.

I had such a lovely day with my mum and she enjoyed it so much too. I am so lucky to have such an awesome Mama. 

Love you, x

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Happy Birthday Papa

April the 3rd

Today is my dad’s birthday!!! So first of all Happy Birthday Papa (=German for dad). I love my dad so so much!!! 

But you know how hard it is to shop for men. It can be quiet hard to find a good birthday present and I am not talking about a super expensive one just a nice little present. 

I wanted to give him this book for Christmas but it was sold out. After Christmas I found it again on ASOS and just had to get it for him. My dad wants to rebuild the living room and a few other rooms in the future so I thought this is the perfect present. My dad is really manual and technical so I can’t wait for him to try a few things from this book.

And I do love this book too, you know how DIY obsessed I am.

I love to bake and I think to receive a hand made cake on your birthday is a really nice thing and it shows how much the person who made the cake cares about you because it takes a long time to bake. So of course I had to bake a cake (that rhymed) for my dad.

If you read my last blog posts you know that my amazing mum bought me the nerdynummies cookbook. Of course I had to bake something from it for my dad’s birthday and I chose the Wi-Fi cake. 

Especially my brother cares a lot about good internet and my dad always tries to give us the best and he is a programmer.

That’s why I chose the Wi-Fi cake. There couldn’t be a better one for him.

Soo…. my day wasn’t the best and my cake didn’t turn out the best….. I normally wouldn’t have shown you this but here it is:

I also added a candle on top.

If you cut out a slice of cake, it (should) looks like the Wi-Fi symbol.

You can see it am I right? 😉

My dad really liked my and my siblings presents and although the cake doesn’t look the best it tastes really good. 

In the evening we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant. 

I think my dad had a nice day and that’s what counts, he was so happy when he came home and saw the cake and everything. I love my dad. ❤

Beauty and the beast review (SPOILERS)

Before I start rambling about the movie please only read that if you watched the movie already. I really don’t want to destroy your cinema experience, xx. 

Where should I start! First of all I absolutely loved the movie!!! I laughed so much and I cried a few times! As you know I was so excited to finally see the film. I did a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ countdown week because I needed something where I could put all of my excitement into and you all loved it so so much so thank you so much for that! I never thought so many of you would love it and it made me so happy and I felt really touched.

I went to cinema with my mum and my sister. My sister and I watched the movie nearly everyday when we were little so of course we had to watch it together. 

We also made such an effort to look good. I know it doesn’t matter and it is dark in the cinema, but we felt like we have to look the best because it was such an important day to us.

Our loved cinema got a little update and we saw it for the first time. It was so so magical to see just new seats and a new curtain. This probably sounds so stupid but it was really exciting to us. 

I watched the movie in german. I’ve never watched the english version of the film just because English isn’t my first language and I wouldn’t have understood a word when I was 5 years old. So I didn’t hear ‘Emma’, ‘Dan’, ‘Josh’, ‘Luke’ and all the other amazing actors sing and speak. But I definitely want to see it in English to hear all the real voices and because the synchronisation wasn’t the best…. . When ‘Belle’ sang you could really see that the words didn’t fit to her mouth movement. 

The film started and my heart nearly exploded because of all the excitement I carried with me. I watched the movie in dolby atmos, all around sound, which was so cool. It really felt like everything was happening right next to you. 

I loved the start of the movie. I loved seeing a first look of the price before he becomes a beast. And the witch gave me goosebumps! Then Emma appeared on the big screen and my heart exploded! First of all she is probably the most gorgeous actress I know! Seeing her as Belle nearly made me cry. I was so happy. I love the song ‘Belle’ so much and it was so cool to see it with Emma performing.

The village looked incredible! Better than I imagined it. How cool would it be to live there or just spent a day there. 

I also loved ‘Belle’s outfit! I loved that she has bags attached to her dress because she always carries a book with her. Her trousers were so pretty too! The whole outfit was so pretty but really practical. I loved that so much! 

Then ‘Gaston’ appeared. When I was little I hated him so much! I thought he was so ugly and didn’t understand why anybody would marry him. This time it was really hard to think like that because I love ‘Luke Evans’ and he looked so good as ‘Gaston’. I really really liked his performance and yes, now I really enjoy ‘Gaston’ and kind of like him. He was so funny to watch and ‘Josh Gad’ was incredible as ‘Maurice’. 

The song ‘Gaston’ is one of my favorites. I loved seeing them dancing on the tables. It was just so so cool! 

The first new song which they added to the film, ‘How can a moment last forever’, is such a cute and lovely song. I loved all of the new songs. Especially ‘Evermore’ is now one of my favorites. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack.

But not only the new songs were incredible. I really liked that they mentioned the snow in June. I loved that everytime a petal fell the castle got destroyed a little bit more. That added a lot more suspension to it and really underlined how less time they had left. Belle and beast also go to Paris together and Belle sees her first home and finds out what happened to her mother. I really liked that they explained a lot more. I also loved that Belle tried to escape. I think that underlined her personality so much more. It was so cool that Belle was the inventor and not her dad. I loved that she invented a washing machine so that she had more time to read. I also loved that she teaches other girls how to read and I really liked that the village people destroyed her washing machine. This really showed how different Belle is and Belle doesn’t stop. She says what she thinks. I think this is such an important message. It also was really nice that they explained why all the people still love the beast and that they added something to his story and showed why he became like that. 

Now I have to speak about the dancing scene because I started crying when they danced together. It was so so beautiful to watch! The dress is gorgeous! So beautiful! It really is one of my favorite scenes to watch! 

The other scene which made me cry so much was the scene when Gaston tries to kill the beast. Yes, I know how the story ends, but I cried so much because it was just so emotional! I loved that the witch game back to the castle and canceled the spell. When I was little my sister and I always preferred the look of the beast. We always were so disappointed when the beast turned back into a prince because we liked him so much more as the beast. But Dan Stevens looks incredible so this time I actually liked the change from beast into a prince. Although the beast looked really cool. My sister and mum still prefer the beast.

And the end scene made me nearly cry again just because the movie ended and I didn’t want to leave the cinema ever again.

All in all I loved loved loved the movie! 5 stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am so happy my mum and my sister went to cinema with me. The performance of all the actors were incredible! The animation of all the objects were mind-blowing. Especially the ‘Be our guest’ scene was so cool to watch! 

I highly recommend watching the movie. It is really cheesy but so hearttouching and just the best story ever. 

I loved everything except for the synchronisation but that’s totally not their fault so I have nothing to say against the movie, of course not! 

Thank you again for joining me during my beauty and the beast week! 

Let me know if you liked the movie and what you liked the best.

Love, Glücksgeist 

Tassilo – DIY 

Today I show you how to turn a simple mug into ‘Tassilo’. I just found out that ‘Tassilo’ is named ‘Chip’ in the english version of beauty and the beast. That’s so cool! 

But now let’s start with the DIY.

For this DIY I used gold window paint and a black marker. 

For a final touch I painted the edges in gold.

And Tadaaa!!
How cute is this little ‘Chip-Tassilo mug?!  I love love love it!!! This is probably one of my favorite DIY’s ever!

Let me know what you think of it in the comments.