One shirt, two outfits ☆ collab with phoebefrancesca

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Phoebe is one of my favourite bloggers so I always enjoy doing collabs with her. This one is probably one of my favourites because it involved shopping, ASOS and of course Phoebe. Phoebe blogs about fashion and lifestyle on her blog. Her following Phoebe blog posts are my favourite and she puts so much effort into her posts which you can really tell from reading them. She also became such an amazing blogging friend and her blog is just so great you need to check it out.



A week in my life – collab with justhannahhere | Glücksgeist

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Hannah from Justhannahhere is doing a collab month where she uploads a collab every single day for a full month. I really wanted to be a part of this so I was super excited for our collab.

I haven’t done a collab in such a long time, so I was really excited for this one. I love reading week in my life posts and also love to write them so I was so excited to do this post with Hannah. Don’t forget to check out her post here.

My 10 favourite pictures – collab|Glücksgeist

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I’ve been a little collab crazy lately and the lovely phoebefrancesca was so kind to support my collab addiction. Thinking of collab ideas is quite hard but thanks to phoebefrancesca we found a pretty amazing one.

We’re both going to share our 10 favourite pictures with you. So don’t forget to check out her post to see her favourite 10 photos.


I uploaded this photo recently and a lot of you liked it. This is one of my favourite photos I took this year. At first I thought that it turned out bad but after checking all the photos I took I was so surprised and happy with it. This photo describes all my current obsessions in one picture. I’m obsessed with the YouTubers bryce and Hailey who have an awesome YouTube channel. Hailey has the most amazing style and introduced me into the yellow to nude colour world. Because of that I fell in love with the brand pull&bear and now own a few things from them. And of course I had to show my huge orange obsessions in this as well, so all in all I would call this obsessed.


I haven’t baked something good in ages but I love to look back at some of my baking goods that turned out good. This one in particular was amazing to make. I love the little ice cream cones and I was super happy with the result. I took a million pictures of them and yes, proud moment. Speaking of the next photo, This was also a lot of fun to do. I am a pink-obsessed-girl so dyeing chocolate pink and placing it all over a cake was pure joy.



I saw so many people taking pictures in their zara pants and after I got mine I went photo crazy. At this time I loved blogging but I definitely wasn’t the best at photos (not saying I’m a pro now). They never turned out how I imagined it but after I got these pants something clicked and taking photos was so much fun from that point on. This photo reminds me of that and because of that it’s one of my favourites.


I was a bit scared that I wouldn’t have any pictures from me in this post but now I found so many. I am a bit camera shy and don’t like to upload photos from myself to the internet but with now I feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. But what made me love this photo was the jumper I’m wearing in it and the date I took this. I got this jumper at the end of last year and only because of the amazing Rosie from msrosiebea. I’m obsessed with her channel for months now and she wore this jumper in one of her videos and I really wanted to get it. My mum got it for me in the end and because of that it’s one of my favourite jumpers. I took this photo in December/January and this was a point where I loved blogging like crazy. I took a little blogging break at that time and because of this I fell back in love with it. Sometimes you need a little fresh start to something and this was mine to blogging.


Another YouTube obsessions… I love Maddie Perry like crazy. She started her channel this year and I’m so in love with her. She’s super nice and lovely and just such a great person. I love to recreate looks of my favourite people and she’s definitely one of mine so I had so much fun recreating a few of her outfits. This also shows the amazing curtain my mum got from urban outfitters. I am so so obsessed with it and took thousand of pictures of it but this is my favourite one.


I also had to share another happy place of mine. This is a castle near where my grandma lives and every time I visit it I feel super happy. I used to go there when I was a kid so it’s nice to go there back now. It’s also an amazing place to take photos so my sister and I always go camera crazy.


First selfie, here it comes. Over the years I did some crazy things with my hair. I went blonde, super short and always loved the experience of it and if not I knew better for next time. I had quite long hair last year and I was getting bored of it so I went to the hairdresser with a picture of Tess Christine’s hairstyle at the time and asked the lady to recreate it. I loved the result, although it never looks like this and took a selfie which I fell in love with.


This also was a blogging experience time. I saw a bunch of cool looking vinyl pictures and wanted to recreate them. In the end I took them how I liked it and I really love this photo a lot. Listening to an album on a record player feels super special and taking this photo felt also super special to me. And I had a lot of fun with vsco filters at the time.


Had to end this with a selfie. I recently disovered this app where you can take Polaroid pictures with your phone which sounds just epic and is even better. There’s a post coming soon where I share all the details with you. This was the very first photo I took with the app and it still is my favourite one. I braided my hair the night before and it looked so nice and I was super happy with it. All the excitement and happiness is in this picture and that’s why it’s one of my favs.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I had so much fun putting this together. Don’t forget to check out phoebefrancesca’s post. And let me know which photo you like the best.

Love, x

Typical day in our lives – with ughmango

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I asked the lovely ughmango if she wanted to collab with me and luckily she said yes. I am obsessed with her blog and I am super excited to share this post with you.

I wanted to be a bit more personal on my blog and share more day to day things with you, so this post is perfect. I am going to share 10 (ups, 9) pictures with you which show a typical day in my life. Don’t forget that ughmango is doing the same thing on her blog so be sure to check out her post.

I decided to take a Sunday for this because I want to keep it really realistic and Sundays are the most chilled days am I right? And a Sunday routine doesn’t really change that much, so this really is a normal day in my life.