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I have a new favourite youtuber. I love to keep you up to date with my current obsessions so I created this series a few months ago. A video of Rosie was suggested to me on YouTube. I watched it and ended up binge-watching all of her videos. I am really obsessed with her and love her videos just so much.

As I said I discovered her only a couple of days ago but I am really catching up with all of her videos. I love her personality and I really enjoy the style of her videos. I really love her vlogs especially her vlogaust series from last year. You really get to know a person through out vlogs and everyday things.



I really love this vlog a lot. As you know I love baking and I think it’s so calming to watch someone else bake. And Rosie is just so chilled and calming herself, love it.

Another vlog I really enjoy of hers is her painting vlog. Rosie studies fashion design and really has a talent for art. In one of her vlogs she filmed herself painting a huge picture. I don’t know why but this was so calming to watch and I love the picture she painted.



But I also really enjoy her sit-down videos, her hauls and make up videos. This girl has a great style and really is into fashion. I love seeing her lookbooks and get some inspiration from her.

Do you know Rosie? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x







My favourite YouTuber – Zoella 


I am a huge fan of Zoe, aka Zoella. She is such an amazing woman I her videos make me just so happy. You probably all know her already, but I had to include her in this series at some point because she is my favourite youtuber!

The first video I watched of Zoe’s was this one:

Halloween cupcakes with pointlessblog



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This video is hilarious. I love watching it because it always puts me in such a good mood. When I watched it for the first time I was a little bit confused though. First of all my English was really bad at that point (well bad in my opinion), so firstly I didn’t get everything they said. But I really enjoyed watching it and really liked the crazy Zoe who baked some cupcakes with her boyfriend.

A few days later I decided to watch another video of hers. I can’t remember which one it was, but I had a massive binge-watch-session afterwards. I remember watching the ’50 facts about me’-video and when she said that she was in Harry Potter I gasped a little bit and immediately watched the first movie again.

Through her videos I learned that Zoe has anxiety. To that point I had no idea that this really existed. I don’t have anxiety, but I do have a few moments where I feel super anxious and feel like I can’t breathe. After I learned that I am not the only one who feels like this sometimes, I felt like Zoe really understands me and I loved her even more.

I thought it would be quiet nice if I share my favourite videos of hers with you:

Summer Lunch & Pug Walking


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I stopped counting how often I watched this video, but I really love it. It always excites me for summer.

The Perfect Picnic Party | Zoella 



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I think Zoe might be the queen of picnics. I really want to spent a day in summer with her. I think Zoe creates the most amazing summer days. That’s why I also love love this vlog:




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I do love all of Zoe’s videos and especially her vlogs are my favs. I can’t pick real favourites because they are all so amazing. But the last one I want to share with you is this one:




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My favourite bit is at 28:13 or so. Watch it and let me know what you think of it.

And that’s it for today’s post. I hope you liked it. Let me know if you like Zoe in the comments below. And let me know which video was your first one of hers.

Love, x




My favourite Youtuber – Alex Centomo

I’ve featured the lovely Alex already in my Vidtuesday series, but because I love her so much I had to feature her in this series too. I am watching Alex for nearly 2 years and I am loving her videos so much!

Alex is 27 years old and engaged to her fiancé Dan. They are both so freaking cute together and I can’t wait for them to get married. Alex uploads beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos on her main channel. She has a second channel where she uploads her amazing vlogs.

The first video I watched of hers was this one:

Santorini, Greece! // June 2015


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So the first video I watched of hers was a vlog. I love this vlog so much because Greece is such a beautiful country and Alex shares some amazing places. Normally I discover youtubers through their main channel so it was really nice to change that and discover Alex from her more personal side.

But I am also in love with her other channel where she uploads lookbooks and make up tutorials. One of my favourite videos are her travel diaries, especially this one:

Paris! // Travel Diary + Lookbook


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I love everything about this video. The music, the outfits, the way they filmed it. Just everything!! It’s one of my favourite videos and I watched it a hundred times already.

Same goes for this one which I shared a few days ago in my Vidtuesday series.

Summer Lookbook!


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I love Alex so much and I highly recommend checking out both of her channels. Personally I prefer her vlog channel because her vlogs are insane and so much fun to watch but I am also always down for one of her main channel videos.

Do you know Alex? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x









My favourite YouTuber – Bianca8198 

It’s time for another My favourite Youtuber post. I enjoy this series so much and I am so happy so many of you enjoy it too. Today I want to introduce you to Bianca.

Bianca is 18 19 (when I upload this) and currently goes to University in New York City. Before she lived in California and attended home-school, if I am updated correctly. She uploads beauty and fashion videos as well as book club picks and chitchat videos.

I think I discovered her channel 3 years ago and stayed because she’s one of the most amazing girls. Bianca gives you the feeling of being understood but also has a crazy side which she shares with her best friend. She’s also such a positive person and always gives you a little boost in her videos.

My favourite video of hers is this one:




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Because she is studying atm she hasn’t been uploading that many videos which is totally understandable. But there’s nothing better than binge-watching her old videos, so I can highly recommend checking out her channel.

I am also obsessed with her Instagram which features amazing pictures of her and New York City. I love NYC so seeing these amazing places she visits is incredible.

Do you know Bianca? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x