The last episode of Pretty little liars (SPOILERS)

Today on June 29, 2017 I watched the last episode of my favourite tv show. Pretty little liars was the show I absolutely became obsessed with and was the only one I watched for years until the very end.

I started watching it as a teen and by turning twenty this year I feel like my teen years have ended with this show.

Watching this last episode made my cry, made me gasp and also smile. Seeing such an amazing group in front and behind the camera is one of the most amazing things I was allowed to be a part of.

Now I want to talk about my favourite moments from PLL and the last episode.

I loved that we were able to see Marlene in front of the camera during Ezria’s wedding. I was so excited and happy when I saw her and my eyes filled with a few tears. Speaking of weddings the first time I started crying during this episode was when Alison proposed to Emily. She said such sweet nice things and I couldn’t hold my tears back.

When the girls said goodbye to each other I just couldn’t stop it and cried. It was such a magical nice thing to watch and I think the perfect last words. I loved the way they ended the show with five ‘new’ girls and three of them waking up and one person is missing. It’s such a great ending. It feels like Rosewood will live forever and always be there for us because the story continues, that’s probably one of the best things they could have done.

I am also really happy with the reveal of A. Alex Drake is such a cool interesting character. To me it wasn’t important who A is going to be. I was more interested in the story why the person decided to take that path. And I loved the story. Also Troian played Alex so so good! I am so in love with her acting.

But Alex was also just so creepy! That necklace she made out of Wren’ s ash?! That was so crazy! I couldn’t believe it when she said that…..

There were so many amazing easter eggs in this episode. I love that Emily and Allison got twins and I think that Wren is the father isn’t too bad. I feared it was someone more creepy so I am quiet happy with that. I also loved seeing ‘Melissa’ back in Rosewood. She’s such a big part of this show so it was really nice to have her back for this last episode.

Can we also just talk about Jenna for a second? The quote ‘I can smell a bitch a mile away’ was just brilliant! So so good! I also loved the tipsy moms. They are so funny and I love seeing them together.

What’s also really cool is that now we can really ask questions and get answers. I watched an interview with Marlene King and I loved that she spoke about so many things she always kept a shh about.

Although I am so sad that this show ended, I am really excited to see what the liars are coming up with next. I am so excited for Lucy’s new show ‘Life sentence’. I think it’s going to be such an amazing show.

I know that many people are upset with the last episode. There were a few things I misses but because it’s the last episode I didn’t want to get mad or upset because of things like this. I just enjoyed watching it and there were so many good moments you just have to smile watching this.

What did you think of the last episode? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Anni


How to achieve the perfect shh #PLLW

I am so sad that this is the last post for my Pretty little liars week. 

I had so much fun creating all these Pretty little liars themed posts! I hope you enjoyed them as well.

Also sorry for not uploading one yesterday, I am sick so I couldn’t finish it.
We all know the little clip at the beginning of each episode where ‘Aria’ and after 5 seasons also the other pretty girls show us their perfect ‘shh’.

So today I show you how to recreate their perfect Shh as meringues.

Processed with VSCO


This post is inspired by the new baking video of Dan and Phil, love them! 

Processed with VSCO

I baked 4 A’s for our 4 liars.

Processed with VSCO



And of course the perfect shh 

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO




I am so proud on how they turned out and quiet surprised how good they taste! I tried to make these a year ago and failed.

Let me know what you think of these in the comments!

Thank you so much for all of your nice comments and likes! As I said I had so much fun creating all of these posts! Today is the day, pretty little liars continues. If you watch it enjoy it! I am not too sure if I am able to watch it (just because the episodes come half to 1 year later out in Germany).

I love you guys!

A (nn-Kathrin)

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What’s on my phone #PLLW 

Imagine the pretty little liars girls without a phone…. the whole series wouldn’t have worked, don’t you think? 

A sending letters? Sounds weird! 

Because of this I want to share what’s on my phone with you today.

Let’s start with my main part. As you can see I have Instagram, Twitter (@gluecksgeist06), Snapchat (although I don’t use it that much) and YouTube on the right side. Pretty self-explanatory. 

On the left side there’s my camera app, VSCO, 1 second everyday and my HPsprocket app. I love using VSCO to edit my pictures. The 1 second everyday app is so amazing! You basically record 1 second of your day and after a month or year you then get a little film which shows all of your highlights, I love that! 

Then my ‘sprocket’ app. Did you see Zoella’ s video where she showed us a little printer? It’s basically a little printer which you can carry around in your handbag. It doesn’t need ink and you can print out your pictures and stick them on something. I got this printer for Christmas last year and I am more than obsessed! So I have the app to control my little printer.

Let’s go to the main bar on my phone. On the left side there’s WhatsApp, then my phone app, and on the right side is the menu. In between that there’s a little folder:

This folder has all of my music apps inside it. Spotify, my radio, play music and Amazon music.

Let’s go to the next side of my phone.

The two apps which aren’t in a folder are Google chrome and duolingo (I tried to learn Swedish with this app). The folder on the left side at the bottom has all of my bank stuff in it.

Let’s start with my first folder:

I called this one my lifestyle folder. This contains Pinterest, my gallery  (all of my pictures), my notebook and a little girly app ;). 

The next one is called ‘organisation’. It includes my calendar, clock and gmail.

Let’s go to the right side:

In this folder are all my tv apps or apps like Netflix.

Then there’s my blog-folder which features Zoella, Tanya Burr …. .

The last folder on my phone is my wordpress folder:

In this folder is the WordPress app, a link to my blog and a dictionary (English isn’t my first language).

And that’s It! I hope this was a bit interesting for you. Let me know what apps you have on your phone in the comments.

Have an amazing day! 


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For all the Coffee addicted #PLLW

Today on my third post during my ‘Pretty little liars week’ I want to share something coffee related with you. These girls must have coffee in their blood because they drink so much, especially Spencer.

Processed with VSCO

So I thought these tiramisu cupcakes would be perfect!

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO





I am so happy with these cupcakes!!!

Also if you don’t like coffee just give them a try. I don’t drink coffee but I love the taste of these ones!

Let me know what you think of them in the comments.

A (nni)

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