The little mermaid inspired sea-cake 

Yes! I am still so ‘the little mermaid’ obsessed! I love that movie because it takes me back to my childhood when I watched it on repeat. It’s so amazing how a movie can take you back to so many great memories and makes you feel so happy.

Today I decided to create a sea-cake. I’ve recently got some food colour and I just had to use it, thanks dad.

I used my trusty zebra cake recipe which is also one of the easiest recipes on this planet and added a few drops of blue food colouring.

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Before I started baking the cake I melted some chocolate and filled it into two silicon moulds, dolphins and sand castles. I added the chocolate on top of the cake and also a lot of sprinkles sea stars.

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I am really happy with this cake. Maybe I imagined it a little bit more chic but I love how it turned out and it’s so delicious and my mum really loved it.

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Let me know what you think of this in the comments.

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The little mermaid inspired cupcakes 

As a child I watched so many Disney movies, I mean who didn’t?! I loved beauty and the beast, I mean I did a whole beauty and the beast week (which you can check out here).

I loved the movie Mulan as well , but there was one movie I absolutely loved but totally forgot about: The little mermaid. 

Recently my brother and I talked about the Disney movies we loved to watch as a child. My brother and I used to watch Aladdin 2 so much, we absolutely loved it. But then I remembered the little mermaid and I just had to watch it again.

And I loved it! I felt quiet emotional because it took me back to so many memories. I absolutely love this movie!

If you read my blog for long enough you will know that if I love something I bloody love it and probably get a bit too excited about it.

Because I love the little mermaid so much I decided to create some inspired cupcakes.

I used my trust lemonade recipe (check it out here). I am so obsessed with these cupcakes recently just because they are my sister’s favorites.

2017-04-18 01.05.35 1.jpg

After the cupcakes cooled down I started with the topping, again I used the topping from this recipe and added some blue food colour to the mixture. This time I went for a pastel blue, which looks like the sea.

2017-04-18 01.05.16 1.jpg

I piped the topping onto the muffins and created a swirl on each one.


2017-04-18 01.05.22 1.jpg

Now I added these cute little yellow stars sea stars.

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Then I added some little sprinkles corals to the other ones.

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I am so happy with these!! I think they turned out so good! Let me know what you think of them in the comments.


Have an amazing day.