Making “Zimsterne” ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #9

I finally made my favourite Christmas cookies and I had to share the recipe with you because these turned out so so good!! Zimtsterne are my favourite Christmas cookies ever! They taste so good and I haven't really made them that much last year so it was time to make them again. I decided to … Continue reading Making “Zimsterne” ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #9

GingerbreadDecoratingDay ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #8

Today on #GingerbreadDecoratingDay I had to decorate something. I don't know if it is against the rules but I didn't go for a gingerbread house. I wanted to keep it simple and didn't want to bake the cookies before building my little house so I bought some instead. I saw this idea on Pinterest and … Continue reading GingerbreadDecoratingDay ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #8

Christmas cookies ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #4

Baking is the best thing about christmas to me. I love to bake all the different christmas cookies and share them with my family and obviously also with myself. Today I am sharing my favourite and the most easy recipe for Christmas cookies with you - Ausstecherle. We call them Ausstecherle here. They are very … Continue reading Christmas cookies ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #4

Vegan Lemon 🦋 Cake |Glücksgeist

I may have a lemony problem but it's okay and I am about to share an amazing and super delicious recipe with you. I currently love to bake vegan because the recipes are so quick and easy to make. I haven't shared a proper recipe in a blog post for ages so here we go. … Continue reading Vegan Lemon 🦋 Cake |Glücksgeist