Beauty Haul ♡ Glücksgeist

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I really wanted to get some new make up products. I’ve had mine for a while and wanted to try some new things. It’s just nice to have new things to play around with and I am very happy with everything I got.

Lush face mask review | Glücksgeist

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I read so many of NotesbyLaura’s lush posts that I really wanted to try something from them too. Of course I had to go for a face mask and I am really happy that I went for one. I went to the shop with an idea of one I wanted to get but as soon as I saw this orange one I fell in love with it and needed to try it. Especially because it was one of their jelly masks.

Bubble sheet mask review | Glücksgeist

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I wanted to try this mask since my mum got it from Urban Outfitters. She mostly ordered it to get free shipping (who does that too?) and of course we kept it because I LOVE face masks. This mask is quite unusual and I saw so many YouTube’s try these that I was really excited to try it myself.

Stradivarius HAUL | Glücksgeist

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I just can’t help myself with this brand. They have so many cute and amazing pieces it’s so hard not to buy something from them. I failed at not buying something so here’s a little HAUL for you with my new favourite things I got from them.