My hair routine 2018 

I love to try out new shampoos and because it’s the start of a new year, I really wanted a change in my hair shampoo routine. I am a Dove shampoo girl for years now. I absolutely love their products and my hair just feels amazing because of their products. But of course they sell quiet a few different shampoo versions, so you really need a little bit until you tried every single one to be able to say which one is your favourite.

I found the perfect shampoo now. To be honest I didn’t have a shampoo which I hated, but I always change up my shampoo every couple of months because it’s better for my hair. Before I used the same shampoo for years and after a while it stopped working for me because my hair got so used to it. That’s why I like to change my hair routine every now and then.

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I love to have soft hair, that’s something I am really looking for when I buy a shampoo and conditioner. This one is just amazing. I love the smell of it and as I said before this makes my hair feel super soft and clean. I love lavender so this product is just perfect for me!

I also really enjoy blow-drying my hair at the moment. I put my head upside down and blow-dry my hair for a few minutes. This gives me so much more volume and my hair feels super soft and light afterwards.

My sister and mum also tested these products and they love it as well. It’s a really affordable shampoo but I love love love what it makes with my hair. I highly recommend checking this one out.

Do you like Dove products? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

The perfect winter lip | Glücksgeist 

In Summer I love to wear light lip colours, but in winter I just go full out. I got this dark purple lipstick from my mum in my advent calendar and I immediately fell in love with it. I wore it so much already and just love the look of it. This colour feels so winter-y to me and I just had to share it with you.

Before my mum gave this lipstick to me, I wasn’t the biggest fan of really dark shades because I thought that they just don’t work for me. I was completely wrong because I am a massive fan of dark lips now. Dark lips are quiet bold but they add something so nice to your look and I just love to wear this colour out.

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The lipstick is by the brand Essence which I normally never go for, but it’s a nice quality. It doesn’t last all day, but I still really love it because of the nice colour. I normally only wear liquid lipsticks so it’s nice to have a little change and go for something different. This really made me love normal lipsticks again.

Do you like dark lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below and let me know which colour is your go to winter-one.

Love, x


Garnier HYDRA BOMB face mask – review | Glücksgeist 

I love face masks. There’s hardly a day where I don’t walk around looking like a ghost and I love to share face masks I really love with you. I tried quiet a few face masks before, but the Garnier sheet masks are just one of my favourites.

You get one face mask out of this package. The face mask includes a white and blue part. You place the face mask on top of your face and peel off the blue part of it. Because of the blue part the mask doesn’t break and it helps you to apply the mask really smoothly. The mask is really really thin so it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin which I love. Because it is so thin you can really press it onto every part of your face and it doesn’t come off on it’s own.

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The mask feels really wet and slimy but also super refreshing and cool on your skin. The minute you put this mask on you feel so much more relaxed and happier. This mask really helps you to calm down and your skin immediately feels so much nicer and more hydrated. It also smells amazing! I don’t like a mask with a too heavy scent, but this one smells so nice and light.

You can leave the mask on for 15 minutes but I always leave it on until the mask is completely dry. I like to watch some YouTube whilst doing this mask or sometimes I just have a little nap.

After the mask is dry I just peel it off (this is so satisfying). I am left with really hydrated nice skin. I love that there’s not product left on my skin and if so you can just rub it in nicely. You don’t have to wash anything of and you can just continue your day.

I absolutely love this face masks. It definitely deserves 5 out of 5 stars. If you struggle with dry skin this mask is the one for you.

Do you like the Garnier Sheet masks? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

Winter nails | Glücksgeist 

I go through phases where I love to paint my nails and through phases where I just can’t be bothered to do them. Currently I enjoy painting my nails so I thought it would be quiet nice to share my current go-to colour arrangement with you.

I am not too sure if there are specific winter colours, but I really love the look of nude/pink-y nails so I went for that. I used a mix of Kiko and Tanya burr nail polishes and both of them are just great great products. It’s still the start of 2018 so I think it’s really nice to take some time for yourself and treat yourself. To be honest I think there’s nothing better than painting your nails because you really have to wait until they dry and you can’t do anything else than just relax in my opinion. Although I am the worst at that and always mess up at least one finger because I am too impatient.


I love to paint one finger per hand in a different colour. I don’t know why but it adds so much more fun to it and I really love the look of it so that’s what I’ve done here.

I really like that a fresh start like a new year makes you want to really look after yourself, to dress nicely and maybe use some new products. It’s just really fun to feel like you can do anything because it’s a fresh start and I really love that about January.

I hope you liked this post! As always let me know what you think of my winter nails in the comments below and also let me know how January and 2018 is treating you.

Love, x