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I started my very first bullet journal last year. I had so much fun playing around with different pages, but I didn’t really use it on a day to day basis. I wanted to change that for this year and create a fresh new journal which I actually would use.

You can do so many things with your bullet journal. I decided to do one for my blog, so I can be super organized with my posts and Instagram pictures. I also love to have a place where I can be creative and take loads of notes so I really wanted to include these things to my journal as well.

I found this amazing little notebook for 2 Euros at my local DM (like Superdrug) and totally fell in love with it. They have loads of different designs but who doesn’t love flamingos, so I had to pick this one and I ended up getting a marble one as well. I love that you can add a photo or multiple little ones to the front page. You can always change them and it makes this journal so much more exciting. I chose two of my favourite Polaroids from last year for my front page.

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Every book needs an Index, at first I thought I skip this but it comes in very handy, so I recommend creating one. I took the pictures for this post a few days ago and I already filled so much more in, so just keep your eyes out on my Instagram to see updated photos of it.
One thing I really wanted to have in my journal was a monthly planner where I can plan all of my blog posts. Before I just planned them on WordPress but always ended up changing the dates and it got quiet confusing. I love how simple but amazing this little planner is and yes, I already planned my posts until March. I really like having a little bit of space to add notes so I left half of a page empty to be able to write things down. And I saw Lilly Pebble’s bullet journal video where she shared her PTS method. I loved it so much that I added it to my journal as well. P stands for Photos, T for Text and S for Scheduled. You write these letters behind each posts when you finished adding your Photos and Text and when you scheduled your post. Such a smart idea.


One blog post that I write every single month is my monthly favourites post. Because I do this every month I wanted to have a few pages where I can write down things I loved the past month. It’s also really nice to see if I have talked about a certain thing before and it’s just so much more organized. I really like to be prepared and have things organized so this is perfect for me.
I also kept a few pages empty so I can write down blog post ideas or things like that. Everybody needs some Notes pages, am I right?


Although I love being organized and having lists and stuff like that, I also wanted to have a sort of creative bullet journal. I didn’t want to use it just for planning purposes, so I created this monthly happy journal. It works super simple, I basically write down one or things that made me happy every single month. I think this is such a nice little cute thing to do each day and I can’t wait to share my first happy journal month review in February.
I am definitely not a super talented drawer but I like to doodle around every now and then so I took a few pages for a more creative activity.

I am sure there will be more pages added to my journal but for now that’s all I got in there. I hope you enjoyed this very first post in 2018. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x



My first bullet journal – Part 3

I recently started my first bullet journal. I love creating these different pages and I noticed that I sleep so much better when I wrote in it before I go to bed. It’s such a calming and creative thing to do and I love sharing my new pages with you.

1. My bucket list

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Call me crazy cause I used silver and gold together

I finally started my own bucket list. I saw so many people doing these kind of lists and I get it now. It’s so much fun to think of the things you want to do in your life. I definitely want to go to New York one day! Bea, Ciarra, lunch date?

2. September memories

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September was a great month in my opinion. I had really much fun and so many good days. I saw this idea online and absolutely loved it. You basically draw everything you’ve been loving down on a page. I really want to do this for every month now because I think it’s a great thing to look back at.

3. Halloween to-do list

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Although nobody really celebrates Halloween in Germany I get really excited for it. I hate Horror movies and scary things like that, but I love the decorations, themed YouTube videos and all the baking goods.

4. Life-update

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When I was in school we had to write something for five minutes without thinking about what we write. We weren’t allowed to stop, we just had to write straight for this amount of time. I never was able to do it because all I was thinking was: I am tired, but I just started writing and couldn’t stop this time.

5. Hot chocolate

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Fall screams hot chocolate to me and I had to dedicate a page in my bullet journal to a hot chocolate. Taking this picture was so much fun and less messy than I was expecting it to be.

I hope you like my bullet pages. Let me know which one you like the best in the comments below.

Love, x


My first bullet journal – Part 2

I started my first bullet journal last month. I love journaling and so many of you loved my post where I shared a few pages from my bullet journal. Because of that I thought it was time to share a few more with you.

I love lists and I know that most people use their bullet journals for these, but I am sharing more of my drawings with you today. I hope that’s fine and I hope you enjoy this post.

My Cacti and Groot obsession

I love Cacti as most of you know. I had a little cacti series on my blog and I still love them so much. Of course I had to create a little Cacti page in my journal.

I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy and now I get it. This movie is insane! I love all the characters so much and I completely fell in love with Groot, especially Baby Groot is just too cute!


Peter Pan and cotton candy dreams

When I was younger I was obsessed with the movie Peter Pan. I watched it so so often and I dreamed of flying out of my room and going on little adventures. It’s just such a great movie and I really want to watch it now.

I love cotton candy, I mean who doesn’t?! But the last time I ate it was ages ago. I used to make it myself with our cotton candy machine and had a little moment when I realised that cotton candy is just raw sugar…. what was I thinking? But I am really craving it at the moment, so maybe I’ll have to get our cotton candy machine out of the cupboards.


Sunshine-flowers and my Fall bucket list

As you know I love my sunflowers and I am missing the sun like crazy at the moment. Today has been such a rainy cloudy day and I want my sunshine back please.

Fall screams for a fall bucket list and this one is mine (click the picture to read it). I really want to make smores this year because I’ve never done or eaten them in my life, can you believe that? But I am just so excited for fall walks, fall decorations and Halloween.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which page you like the best in the comments below.

Love, x