Spiderweb cake

I hate spiders, but I love the pattern of a spiderweb. I really love to bake Halloween themed goods and making this one was so much fun. This was also so so easy to make.

I used my trusty Zebra-cake recipe. It’s so delicious and as I said so easy to do.

I wanted to have an orange-black cake which didn’t work. But yellow-black looks cool too, am I right? Also can I just say how messy this was? I really hope you like this picture because I spent 15 minutes cleaning the table afterwards.


After the cake baked (and burned a little bit) I draw the spider’s web on top of it with a mixture of icing sugar and water. Again, this was quiet messy because my mixture was really watery but I love how it turned out.


I love this cake so much and it tasted so so good! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x


Coffee date – without coffee

I love going to different cafes. I love checking out new ones and I love the vibe of every single one of them. I have a favourite café for sunny days, rainy days, or quick meals. Although I love being in a good café more than anything, I am not that brave yet to go to one on my own. My internet friend was in town so we decided to go for a little coffee date. It was a rainy, cold day so I suggested the cosy café. The café basically is like an Instagram heaven!


I haven’t seen my friend in months so it was really nice to catch up with her. I sometimes forget how nice it is to just sit down and talk for hours. My friend really is the perfect one for this because we can talk and talk and it doesn’t get boring. Do you have a friend like that too?


I call her my internet friend because I met her online, on Instagram. She had a Harry Potter fan-account and after a few months we started talking and basically just couldn’t stop. She then moved to an University which is an hour away from where I live so we just had to meet each other and it was just one of the best decisions ever.

I didn’t know what to call this because it basically is a little coffee date but neither of us was drinking coffee and apple-juice date sounds a bit funny. I really wanted to eat a nice warm waffle but it wasn’t breakfast time so I went for an apple cake instead which was so delicious!


I really had such a nice time with my friend. Jenny if you’re reading this, thanks for visiting me! It was awesome!

Do you like to go to cafes? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x





Birthday presents – DIY

It was my friend’s 20th birthday on Monday. We know us since school so for quiet a long time. She invinted me to her party and surprisingly I actually went to the party and stayed for 4 hours! I was quiet impressed with myself because I don’t really like parties, but this year there were only a few people and they seemed nice so it was good.

Of course I wanted to give her an amazing present. I love these glasses which include different dry ingredients. You add eggs or water and it turns into a dough for cookies, bred or literally anything.

My friend loves food, I mean who doesn’t and we’ve actually baked and cooked together before which was so much fun!

My friend’s birthday

So this present is perfect for her:


I also found this cute jar and filled it with tons of Smarties. I think this looks just so cute and who doesn’t love Smarties?!

I’ve also baked her a cake last year so I really wanted to bake her a cake again. I think it’s such a cute gift to give something baked. I went for a chocolate cake (recipe from ‘Love, Tanya – Sunday cake). I baked this cake for my mum this year too (left side) and now for my friend (right side). I love to play with different decorations and spice up the cakes.

This cake tastes so good and I could so eat this right now! I also love the chocolate letters. You can write ‘Happy Birthday’ like I did or something else.

All in all I had a nice evening and it was so nice to see my friend again after months. She liked the presents and the cake which made me happy.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love, x


Vidtuesday – Winter vibes 

Sorry for uploading this a day late but I was sick. 

I know it’s summer but I’ve just stumbled across this vlog from Zoe and it’s one of my favs. I love birthdays and I love to see the preparation for them so this vlog is amazing.

I do not own the rights to this image

The biggest birthday cake 
It’s also raining where I live and it’s so freaking cold. It feels like winter not summer. I am currently wearing a jumper because I am so cold. Zoe uploaded this vlog in January so it fits perfectly because I feel like it’s going to start snowing in a minute. I want the sun back! I hate grey skies. 

But I love watching birthday vlogs. I think it’s so much fun to see people wrapping presents, buying cake and making such an effort to turn that day into a magical one. I honestly think Zoe and her friends throw the best parties ever! And I really fancy some cake right now!!!! 

I hope you’re enjoying your summer days! 

Love, x