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Bloggers support bloggers challenge | Glücksgeist

The lovely Jirah Merizz nominated me for this challenge. I absolutely love the idea behind this and I feel so happy and excited that Jirah wrote something about my blog and said such nice things about me. Definitely check out her post to read more about this challenge and all the amazing people she talked about.

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Half a thousand blog posts | Glücksgeist

I recently noticed that I was getting really close to the 500 mark of written blog posts. I thought that 500 posts is quite a big number so I really wanted to do something special to celebrate this. I asked you to send me yellow/orange photos because lately, I’ve had a thing for yellow. I really wanted to include your photos in this post because you are a part of this whole blogging journey and I am so happy about that.

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Spreading the blogger love | Glücksgeist

The amazing PhoebeFrancesca nominated me for this award. I usually forget to do them and then have way too many nominations and have to put them all in one big post, but I wanted to give this one it’s own space and put a little more time into it because Phoebe is one of my favourite people and her blog is so incredible.

This girl blogs about life, beauty and her follow Phoebe are one of my favourite posts she uploads. We collabed together which was so much fun and she’s constantly supporting my blog so I really wanted to do the same for her. Be sure to check her out as she is one of the nicest bloggers and really works hard for her blog.

Also let me know if you prefer one award per post or a big award catch up.

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BLOGGER TALK #1 |Glücksgeist

Grab a drink, maybe some snacks because my first ever blogger talk starts now. I really love to read these kind of posts where people speak about their blogging experiences, maybe give some advice our share personal every day things with their readers. In the last time I really felt like I wanted to start this series on my blog and share some blogging things but also personal things about myself. So this is not only about blogging advice, how to … and stuff like that. I’m trying to give you a good mix of both and if you can’t tell already by my super long intro I’m really excited for this.

Today I want to talk with you about collaborations. I think I’m quite collab crazy at the moment and I enjoy making these so much that I had to share my experiences with you. Of course I am by far not a pro, but you know that already. Just sharing the blogging joy with you.

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