The best vegan recipe I’ve tried so far |Glücksgeist

I am obsessed with the little blog of vegan. This girl has so many amazing recipes and it’s so hard to choose the next one I want to try. But I decided to go for the lemon cupcakes and this was one of the best decisions ever. I love lemon a lot and so does…… Continue reading The best vegan recipe I’ve tried so far |Glücksgeist

A chocolatey Valentine’s day collab |Glücksgeist

Angela from LifeofAngela asked me on Instagram if I wanted to join her Valentine’s day baking and of course I had to say yes. Personally I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but who doesn’t love to eat some baked goods especially if it’s chocolate. We both have Rosanna Pansino’s cookbook so we really wanted to use…… Continue reading A chocolatey Valentine’s day collab |Glücksgeist

Cupcake cones

I saw iJustine and her sister making these and loved the idea behind them. These cupcake cones look so so adorable. I really wanted to make my own and I had so much fun doing this. In summer I eat ice cream every single day but now I don’t fancy something so cold anymore, the solution:…… Continue reading Cupcake cones

Blueberry muffins

Quelle: Blueberry muffins I love baking and I love trying out new recipes. But there’s one recipe I shared here in the past which is one of my favourites. Blueberry muffins. I spotted some blueberries in my supermarket and just couldn’t resist buying them to make some blueberry muffins and they turned out so amazing!…… Continue reading Blueberry muffins