Lush face mask review | Glücksgeist

I read so many of NotesbyLaura’s lush posts that I really wanted to try something from them too. Of course I had to go for a face mask and I am really happy that I went for one. I went to the shop with an idea of one I wanted to get but as soon…… Continue reading Lush face mask review | Glücksgeist

Bubble sheet mask review | Glücksgeist

I wanted to try this mask since my mum got it from Urban Outfitters. She mostly ordered it to get free shipping (who does that too?) and of course we kept it because I LOVE face masks. This mask is quite unusual and I saw so many YouTube’s try these that I was really excited…… Continue reading Bubble sheet mask review | Glücksgeist

Comparing every single face mask I reviewed | Glücksgeist

Looking through all my posts to find (hopefully) every single face mask review was really cool and also quite cringy…. some posts are just not good, but I actually don’t want to delete them because it’s part of my journey right? Hannah from Justhannahhere inspired me for this post, so a BIG shout-out to her.…… Continue reading Comparing every single face mask I reviewed | Glücksgeist

Alverde two in one face mask review | Glücksgeist

I’ve been trying quite a few new face masks recently. I would call myself face mask crazy/obsessed so whenever I see that there’s a new one I just have to get and try it. I love to share my thoughts with you so let’s start with the review. I like this brand a lot. It’s…… Continue reading Alverde two in one face mask review | Glücksgeist