My current obsessions #3| Glücksgeist

I thought it was time to share my new obsessions with you. I am a person who gets obsessed really easy with anything and I love to share these things with you. Favourites posts are really fun to write but waiting for the end of the month is just impossible for me, so I am … Continue reading My current obsessions #3| Glücksgeist

Sephora lip mask review |Glücksgeist

I've tried a lot of masks. Masks for my face, hair and even feet, but I've never tried a lip mask before. I used lip scrubs before which I like but the idea of a mask for your lips was new to me. A few months ago my mum got me this package of three … Continue reading Sephora lip mask review |Glücksgeist

(Face) masks review |Glücksgeist

I have a problem and this problem is called face masks and now also hair masks. I love to try new masks so much and I buy way too many of them. But this means I can share with you my experiences and thoughts about them. Today I am reviewing three masks, two face masks … Continue reading (Face) masks review |Glücksgeist

Sephora face mask review |Glücksgeist

We don't have a Sephora where I live so I don't often get the chance to try their products. My mum went on Holiday a few months ago and found this little face mask triplet for me. I was so excited when I saw it because I just love face masks and I was really … Continue reading Sephora face mask review |Glücksgeist