My first time thrift shopping |Glücksgeist

I wanted to go thrift shopping for ages now. I saw so many youtubers and also bloggers finding the most amazing pieces for a really good price. I thought that there weren’t any good shops near where I live so I was super excited when I found this epic place on YouTube. My mum wanted…… Continue reading My first time thrift shopping |Glücksgeist

Stradivarius HAUL | Glücksgeist

I just can’t help myself with this brand. They have so many cute and amazing pieces it’s so hard not to buy something from them. I failed at not buying something so here’s a little HAUL for you with my new favourite things I got from them. First of all and the reason for ordering…… Continue reading Stradivarius HAUL | Glücksgeist

My March favourites | Glücksgeist

I can’t believe it’s April when I’m uploading this. This month went by so quickly. But after missing a favourites post I am really excited to share this one with you. Food favourites Milchschnitte (Vegan) baking Oranges The little blog of vegan Clementines Yoghurt I am a huge yoghurt lover and this month I ate…… Continue reading My March favourites | Glücksgeist

Living the yellow lifestyle |Glücksgeist

I hope you’re still enjoying all my yellow themed posts because I have another one for you today. I ordered a few things from the brand Stradivarius a few days ago and received them last Friday. I love everything I got and had to share this specific item with you. I got another backpack! I got a…… Continue reading Living the yellow lifestyle |Glücksgeist