What’s in my UNI bag |Glücksgeist

I am starting Uni next week so I needed a new bag or rucksack for all of my Uni-stuff. I mean I do have quite a few bags, but this is an important life changing moment and I really wanted a backpack, so I went on ASOS and had a little look.
Of course I found one after a few minutes of browsing, well I actually found two. I ordered both of them and whilst I waited for them to arrive I fell more and more in love with the black one. The package arrived, I was super excited, opened the parcel and what was missing? My black backpack. Instead I had a black (ugly) bag inside it.

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Wardrobe tour |Glücksgeist

I really like to watch wardrobe tours and just see how people organize their closet and what they keep inside it. I know, super snoopy, but because of this I thought it would be quite cool to show you what I keep in my wardrobe.

I own one and a half wardrobes. One at my dad’s and one which I’m sharing with my sister at my mum’s. Today I am sharing one of them with you. I really like to see what people keep in their closets so I hope you enjoy this.

Of course it would take quite a while to show you every single piece I own, so I show you my newest pieces and favourites.

This is what you see when you open my closet. It’s quite organized and I mostly keep it like that because I’m not really a messy person. On the left side you can see a few of my jackets. As I said I’m sharing this closet with my sister but I do take a lot more space up than her. On the right side you can see most of my clothes. I have a second little dresser where I keep all of my skirts, pants and dresses because I do not have the space for them in here.

On the first shelf I keep all of my t-shirts and tops. I always think I own not enough shirts but when I took this picture I was quite surprised with what a collection I have. These are my favourite t-shirts.

2018-02-13 11.32.35 1.jpg

On the second shelf I keep my PJ’s and white/black t-shirts. On the last one I keep my more fancy shirts and jumpers. As I said I own to closets so my new Pull&Bear clothes are in the second one.

The upper part of my closet is filled with jackets and nice shirts. To be fair most of them I got from my mum because she didn’t want them anymore and they all fit me so that’s super cool. The newest ‘mum’ clothes are these super nice shirts. My mum got them quite a few years ago and when she got them I immediately asked if I can borrow them, now I own them.

2018-02-13 11.32.29 1.jpg

I also have a few soft jackets, but I never have the right one when I need it, for example now, because I’m freezing. I own these two super cosy ones from Superdry and my other ones are from H&M.

2018-02-13 11.32.30 1.jpg

And I also own this super amazing pink jacket from Pull&Bear which is probably my favourite jacket to be honest. I got it this year and I love it so much!

Last but not least I wanted to show you another two of my favs. I love the whole ‘pearl’ trend and I am so in love with my two ‘pearly’ things.

2018-02-13 11.32.30 2.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my little closet tour. I had so much fun sharing all my favourite pieces with you. Let me know in the comments which piece you liked the best.

Love, x

2018-01-13 01.46.24 1.jpg

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Pull&Bear Haul |Glücksgeist

I went shopping again. After I send so much of my ASOS order back, I had another browse and found the most amazing things on Pull&Bear. This brand is super affordable so I got quite a few things for a really good price.

I am going to do this Haul like my last one, so pretty casual. You can check out my last one here.

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My new favourite PINK jacket |Glücksgeist

Okay, prepare yourself. I probably found the most amazing jacket ever. I went shopping with my mum and we went to Pull&Bear. I don’t think I’ve ever bought something from them but my mum asked if I want to check it out and spontaneously I said yes. We went in there and I immediately spotted this pink jacket. My mum said I should try it on and it was the most cosiest, nicest thing ever.

2018-01-07 12.21.55 1-01.jpeg
I really loved it, but I said to my mum that I bought quiet a few things recently and maybe skip this one, so she bought it for me. Obviously I have the most amazing mum and I’ve been obsessed with this jacket since the day I got it.

2018-01-06 06.26.54 1-01.jpeg
It’s so nice to wear and also quiet warm which I wasn’t expecting. I am a pink-obsessed-girl so I am super happy to own a pink jacket now. Also, this jacket was only about 20 euros because it was in the sale and since that jacket I am in love with the brand. Might have ordered a few things ….

2018-01-06 06.26.53 1-01.jpeg
What do you think of this jacket? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

2018-01-13 01.46.24 1.jpg