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I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I love the world J.K.Rowling created and I re-read the books on a regular basis. Although I read the books multiple times already, I’ve never read them in English before. I own two books in English, but what made me really want to start reading them in English was the Sorting Quiz on pottermore.

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My cosy time

A Sunday screams for some cosy time and I love these kinds of Sundays where you stay in your PJ’s all day. I thought it would be quiet nice to share what things I like to do on a really cosy SunDay.

No make up but face mask time

Of course I don’t wear any make up on my cosy days. But I love to do face masks. There’s just something so nice about pampering yourself. I don’t always do a face mask on Sundays but mostly. I alternate between them so it always change which one I am using at the moment.

Staying in your PJ’s all day

As I said, on a really cosy day you just have to spend the whole day wearing your PJ’s. But there’s a difference between them. I have quiet a few PJ’s and I love all of them, but the ones which make me feel the most relaxed and cosy are my Snoopy pyjamas.

Since I was a little child I always wore Snoopy pyjamas. I love Snoopy and the whole peanuts gang so much, so on a cosy day it has to be a Snoopy one.


Watching cosy series and films

Gilmore Girls is probably the most cosy series that exists. I love watching it and it just makes me feel so relaxed and happy. And because there are quiet a few seasons you can spend your whole day binge-watching them.

I also love to watch Hanni und Nanni (St. Clare’s) on these kind of days. I absolutely loved the books when I was younger and I still love them now. When I watch the movies now they take me back to my childhood and it’s just such a nice feeling.

Harry Potter is another cosy movie for me. Especially the third movie is one of my favourites to watch. They turn a Sunday into such a good one.

And I love to watch Formel 1 (formula 1) on Sundays. It is so relaxing to me and the perfect Sunday tv show. My dad is watching it for years now and I always saw little snippets of it too.

Reading a book

I am a big bookworm and although I love watching movies I just have to read a book on a cosy Sunday. At the moment I am reading the Harry Potter series again, but I also love to read old books to give me that cosy feeling. As I said the St. Clare’s series is one of my favs and I also have books from my mum when she was younger and I love reading them too. There’s just something so nice about holding and reading a book with a story to it.


Drinking a hot beverage

In summer I tend to drink just cold drinks, but I really love drinking tea. Because it’s getting colder now where I live I can finally pull out my stack of tea and start drinking tons of tea again. There’s just something so nice about reading and drinking a hot drink at the same time.

Filling in my bullet journal

There’s nothing better than being creative and I discovered my love for bullet journals. I love creating new pages and because it is so relaxing and calming, I love to do it on my cosy days.

Listening to music

I always listen to music but on Sundays I tend to go for more chilled songs. I also love to listen to songs I haven’t heard in ages or check out new playlists and songs.

Eating cookies

I don’t know why but eating cookies on a Sunday is just the perfect thing to do. Eating cake is also fine, but I just love having a nice Sunday-snack. My favourite cookies are chocolate-coconut ones. I eat them for years and whenever my mum surprises us with them, we are so excited.


What do you like to do on a cosy Sunday? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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One lovely blog award 

Shelby from exploringmyworld and Mila from doodlingpanda were so kind and nominated me for the One lovely blog award. I love both blogs so much so please check them out! 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
  2. Post about the award.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 people.
  5. Let your nominees know you’ve nominated them.

7 facts about me (x2):

  1. I used to watch so many ‘Barbie’ films with my sister.
  2. One of my favourites was ‘Barbie as Rapunzel’.
  3. My whole family was Harry Potter obsessed although they never watched or read the series.
  4. My brother had the ‘UNO’ version of Harry Potter and we played it on every holiday.
  5. We also had the Harry-Potter-PC-game, 1 and 2.
  6. We played it as a family on the weekends. These times were one of my favs!
  7. My whole family  (except of my dad) was so obsessed with the game ‘Animal crossing’.
  8. We played it on holiday together.
  9. The first thing I was able to cook on my own was soup.
  10. This is probably the easiest thing you could learn, I still was so proud of myself.
  11. I used to have the purple gamecube and my siblings and sometimes my mum played ‘Mario Kart’ together.
  12. I regret selling my ‘Gamecube’ so much! 
  13. I also regret selling my first gameboy. The games were so much better than they are now. 
  14. We did spent time outside too ;).

I nominate every single one of you!!!

Please don’t be shy! I would love to get to know you better so if you want to do this award please do it.

Please let me know in the comments that I am not the only weird one who is attached to games :D.

Love, x 

Sunshine blogger award 

The lovely Bea was nominated for the Sunshine blogger award and because she is so amazing she nominated all of her readers to do this award. I loved her questions so I decided to take the nomination and do the Sunshine blogger award again. Thanks Bea for nominating me! Check out her blog here.


  1. Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
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What was the last thing to make you smile?

My Mango-order arrived today which made me really happy.

How would you change the world?

I think I would have a kind of serum which I could spray around to make people happy.

Still working on it 😉

If you could move anywhere, where would you move?

Brighton, England for sure!

What places would you like to visit (real or fake)?

I would love to go to New York City and go back to Finland because it is so beautiful there. And I mean going to Hogwarts would be pretty amazing! 

What game or games do you love to play with friends and family?

I love to play Mario Party 8 (Wii) with my friend and I love playing Mario Kart (Wii) and Lego Harry Potter (Ps3) with my sister. My mum, my sister and I also used to play little Big planet on the Ps3 which was just amazing. We always had so much fun!

Have you ever gone surfing, scuba diving or been on a jet ski?

I went scuba didiving in a pool once for my birthday. I really liked it and had so much fun. Would love to do it again in the sea.

Do you prefer the city, the mountains or the beach?

I always lived in a city so I do prefer it.

What are you looking forward to?

Tanz der Vampire!! I am going to see my favourite musical in 3 days and I am so so excited! 

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I love how passionate I am about my favourite things and the people I love.

Funniest moment you’ve experienced recently?

Mmh… there were a lot of little things which were really funny. But a few days ago my mum, sister and I had dinner and we talked about the musical (German musical about vampires) we are going to see really soon and I said that first of all I want to look really good so I get the attention of the main musical actor. And then I said I am taking a poster with the words ‘Bite me please’ with me….. yeah…. 

I am not going to do that 😀

Favorite joke?

Why is voldemort’s nose so flat? 



Because he ran into the wrong wall at train station…. hahaha

This actually made me laugh so much when I read it for the first time. I was crying because I laughed so much.

My nominees:












My questions:

  1. If you could change an ending from a movie or book which one would you choose and what would you change?
  2. What is your favourite sims expansion pack? (Please don’t tell me I am the only crazy one who has so many of these)
  3. What made you smile today?
  4. What is your favourite clothing brand or shop? 
  5. How ‘pink’ (the colour) obsessed are you atm?
  6. What was the last book you read and did you like it?
  7. How much time do you spend on WordPress? 
  8. Which was the last app you’ve downloaded on your phone? 
  9. Who is your favourite Disney character?
  10. You’re currently writing your answers to my questions… what time is it? 
  11. What is your favourite blog post you have ever written?

I loved these questions! Thanks again to the amazing Bea for beeing so kind and nominating every reader. Be sure to check her out.