Pull&Bear Haul |Glücksgeist

I went shopping again. After I send so much of my ASOS order back, I had another browse and found the most amazing things on Pull&Bear. This brand is super affordable so I got quite a few things for a really good price.

I am going to do this Haul like my last one, so pretty casual. You can check out my last one here.

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My new favourite PINK jacket |Glücksgeist

Okay, prepare yourself. I probably found the most amazing jacket ever. I went shopping with my mum and we went to Pull&Bear. I don’t think I’ve ever bought something from them but my mum asked if I want to check it out and spontaneously I said yes. We went in there and I immediately spotted this pink jacket. My mum said I should try it on and it was the most cosiest, nicest thing ever.

2018-01-07 12.21.55 1-01.jpeg
I really loved it, but I said to my mum that I bought quiet a few things recently and maybe skip this one, so she bought it for me. Obviously I have the most amazing mum and I’ve been obsessed with this jacket since the day I got it.

2018-01-06 06.26.54 1-01.jpeg
It’s so nice to wear and also quiet warm which I wasn’t expecting. I am a pink-obsessed-girl so I am super happy to own a pink jacket now. Also, this jacket was only about 20 euros because it was in the sale and since that jacket I am in love with the brand. Might have ordered a few things ….

2018-01-06 06.26.53 1-01.jpeg
What do you think of this jacket? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

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Come ASOS shopping with me | Glücksgeist

I am ASOS obsessed as most of you know. Although I order quite a few things and I don’t keep as much as I order so a HAUL often doesn’t work for me because I just kept one or two pieces. Because of that I thought it would be quite nice to show you the things I ordered on Sunday and try them on. This is quite a casual post so don’t expect super high quality pictures, keeping it realistic.

I ordered six things from ASOS (about 107 euros) and omg, I was so excited for them.

First of all I wanted some new shirts. I discovered these amazing youtubers which I am so in love with and their style is just so cool, so I basically wanted to look like them and thought these shirts would help me out.

I really like the first shirt a lot, but it was way too big for me and I didn’t feel comfortable in it, so this clearly was a no because I wouldn’t wear it. I really liked the yellow on the second shirt but it was a little too see-through for me and I was looking for a more white shirt so also a no.

I absolutely love this jumper. Buying jumpers can be quite hard for me because they are always too short (I am quite tall). This one fits perfectly, it’s super soft and I just love it so much. Kept it for 16 euros. Again, saw quite a few youtubers wearing Mom-jeans and I thought I should try them myself. I love the purple-pink colour of them but I think I am not cool enough to wear them out, so also a no.

I fell in love with this hat. So many people are wearing them and I love it just so much, but my head was too big for this one, so sadly a no. I saw this brown pinafore and I really wanted to have it so I ordered it a size smaller than I am because all the other sizes were sold out, well a size too small is a size too small so again a no.

Although I only kept one thing I am quite happy with my ASOS shop. I am currently wearing my jumper 24/7 and it’s one of my new favourite things. I also ordered a few things from Pull&Bear so if you liked this post I could do a second one quite soon.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below.


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The most amazing pink slippers | Glücksgeist

I am a huge Beauty and the Beast lover. This movie was one of my favourite films when I was a child and to this day I still watch it. A few weeks ago my friend and I checked out the new Primark they opened in my town and they had some amazing Disney things, including the most amazing pink slippers.

I gasped quite a little bit when I saw these. My mum saw them before and said I should really check this Primark out and she was so right. To be honest I could have bought so so many more things, but I said I am buying three things and I stuck to that.

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I absolutely adore the colour pink, so Beauty and the Beast and pink combined is just more than amazing. I love Chip and Madame Pottine so so much so I just had to get these slippers. They cost 5 Euros which is fine and they are super soft and nice to wear. The only thing I recommend is buying a size smaller because these slippers stretch with the time.

What do you think of my new pink slippers? Let me know in the comments below and tell me which was the last thing you bought at Primark.

Love, x