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I love smoothies. Two years ago I was smoothie crazy in summer and drank one nearly everyday. I really enjoyed getting a ton of vitamins each day and they tasted just freaking delicious.

Because of laziness I haven’t drunk a smoothie in ages and I did miss is quite a lot. My mum started drinking these specific smoothies a few weeks ago and I was really interested in them, especially because of their packaging. I decided to try one myself and of course had to share my thoughts with you.

First of all this smoothie comes in a glass bottle which you can obviously keep and reuse, which is probably the best part of it. True fruits have a variety of different smoothies named from black to white. I decided to go for the yellow one which has orange, apple, banana, mango and passion fruit in it.

I did pretty good with my decision because this smoothie tastes amazing!! I love citrus things so this was so delicious and I really want to drink another one. The smoothie has a perfect size, it isn’t too much so you’re able to finish it. It tastes really fresh, like you’ve made it yourself just better and more tasty.

I really recommend trying this one and I really want to try the other ones as well. The only thing is that one smoothie costs about 2,50 € which is a little bit pricey but at the same time also quite a good price for this one. I mean you get a delicious smoothie and a nice glass bottle so I guess it is worth it.

Have you tried true fruits smoothies before? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x