How I edit my photos | Glücksgeist

I got asked by a few people to do a blog post where I share how I edit my photos for Instagram and also my blog. I really wanted to do this post for ages now and tried to record my screen to show it to you in a little video clip but it didn’t…… Continue reading How I edit my photos | Glücksgeist

Recreating bloggers Instagram pictures – Part 2 | Glücksgeist

So many of you loved my first part of recreations. You asked for a second part and I really wanted to do a second part as well. So with the help of my mum and sister I recreating a few more pictures. I want to start with Katie because it’s actually Katie’s birthday today!! So…… Continue reading Recreating bloggers Instagram pictures – Part 2 | Glücksgeist

My yellow Instagram feed | Glücksgeist

I love to read posts where people share all their recent Instagram photos. I think they are so much fun to read and I really wanted to do one for my last few photos today. Momentan bin ich ein bisschen Foto-verrückt und lese unheimlich gerne Blog-Posts in denen Leute ihre Instagram Bilder zeigen. Ich finde…… Continue reading My yellow Instagram feed | Glücksgeist

Current obsessions #5 | Glücksgeist

These posts are one of my favourite posts to write and the last one I wrote was back in May so it’s time for an updated one. I am a person who gets obsessed with things really quickly so I always feel like I could write hundreds of these posts but I always wait and…… Continue reading Current obsessions #5 | Glücksgeist