My current obsessions #4 |Glücksgeist

I missed my April favourites so I thought a current obsessions post could make up for it. I love these posts a lot and I am so excited to share my new and old obsessions with you. I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

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My Instagram feed |Glücksgeist

I hardly ever speak about my Instagram account (Gluecksgeist) on my blog and although I do follow a lot of you guys I am not sure if I found every account of yours. Personally I absolutely love Instagram. I am really into photography and love seeing all these pretty pictures on my feed. A lot of people don’t like Instagram because of the fake lifes people seem to live, but I think as long as you don’t take it too serious it’s just a lot of fun and who doesn’t love to take some photos (especially as a blogger).

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My favourite Instagram accounts

I do love Instagram. It can be a great place and I love it for inspiration and travel posts. I also have an Instagram account for my blog so if you want check it out (Gluecksgeist). Today I want to share my favourite Instagram accounts with you.

I do not own the rights to any of these images.


These pictures look so cute! I love pastel colours and these ones are just goals! I discovered this account about 3 months ago and I really enjoy looking at the pictures. As I said I love travel photos and these ones are just amazing.

instagram2Okay, I found the perfect Instagram account for travel pictures. I mean, look at them! how crazy good are these pictures? I love them and I also love the flat-lays. They are really good and so neat.


This account is just everything, like it’s crazy. To me that’s the perfect OOTD-Instagram account. Her style is unbelievable. She’s just so cool and her pictures are just so on point. This really is the perfect account for any fashion-lover.


Because it’s autumn now I really fancy some nice autumnal pictures and I found the perfect fall-account. These pictures are everything and literally scream autumn to me. I love the hot chocolates, pumpkins and nice fall-colours. Just amazing!

Let me know what your favourite Instagram accounts in the comments below.

Love, x















My Instagram feed 

Yes I do have an instagram account for my blog and I am kind of a bit proud on how it looks. In school everybody just talked about how many followers you have. I’ve never liked that and just thought that’s super stupid, but being one with not so many followers I sometimes thought why doesn’t so many people like my pictures?

Of course these were incredible stupid thoughts and a number isn’t important in your life. So I didn’t make my instagram account for that.  

When I look through it, it makes me really excited because I did so many amazing things, so many little things that made my day.  

I also never understood how to achieve an instagram feed, but I think I kind of achieved that a little bit. 

Of course there are so many better accounts out there, but as I said I just love scrolling through my account and see some pictures which capture amazing days, nights or just moments.

Do you also have an instagram account? I also would love to know what you like about instagram.

Lots of love.