My very new blog design ♡ Glücksgeist

I lost the motivation to blog and when I decided to start blogging again it still didn’t feel that right. So I decided to give my blog a full on make-over and really change every single thing of it. I’ve done this before and usually changed it in a day, but this time it took…… Continue reading My very new blog design ♡ Glücksgeist

Shopping in Berlin | Glücksgeist

I went to Berlin a few weeks ago and had the most amazing time. I’ve actually wrote a blog post about it so if you want you can check it out here. Berlin has some amazing shops so I did spent some money on some very cool things and I thought it was about time…… Continue reading Shopping in Berlin | Glücksgeist

Berlin – what to do and what not to do | Glücksgeist

If you follow me on Instagram (@gluecksgeist) you probably saw all of my Berlin photos. I’ve recently went on a little trip to Berlin and had such an amazing time. I uploaded a ton of photos on my story and feed so definitely check them out. I didn’t see all of Berlin as the city…… Continue reading Berlin – what to do and what not to do | Glücksgeist