Manhattan X-treme last lipliner – review

I love a good red lipstick! I love wearing lipsticks in general, but I do prefer the liquid lipsticks. I absolutely love the look of it. I am not a shiny lipstick person. So many Youtubers are using only a lip liner on their lips and it always looks amazing. Because of that I thought it was about time to get my first lip liner.


I am buying products from the brand Manhattan for years now. I am using their powders, bronzer and mascaras. I love the good quality of the products, but I also love that it is a really inexpensive make up brand. That’s why I went for their lip liner and also because the red looked so amazing!


Manhattan X-treme last lipliner Colour: 44N

I wanted a red like this for ages! It is so bright and just such a great colour. The day I wore this lip liner for the first time I already got a compliment for wearing it. My mum loves the colour so much and I was so happy when a total stranger told me that too.

Now let’s break it apart:


As I said this red is amazing! It is so bright and it really shows off.


This lipstick lasts all day. I was drinking, eating and walking in the rain and you could still see a bright red on my lips. Of course it faded during the day, but I am more than happy with how long it lasts.


When I applied it it felt a little bit sticky on my lips. I was a bit worried but after a few minutes/after the colour dried, I felt like a normal liquid lipstick.

Price: 1,85 €

End result:

I am obsessed with this lip-liner! I wore it every single day during my holiday and it’s just my favourite red lipstick.

Rating: 5/5


Do you like lip liners? Let me know in the comments below!

Have an awesome day.

Love, x






My favourite red lipsticks

Finding a good red lipstick is quiet hard in my opinion. As I got older I discovered my love for lipsticks and a classic good red is just the best thing to wear.

The first red lipstick I bought was this one:


Rival de Loop – 59


Now looking at this I feel like this isn’t a real red one. I was so excited for this one when I bought it and I still love it so much but as you see it isn’t really crazy red.

Then I discovered the brand NYX, thanks Zoe (Zoella) and I am obsessed! I love their liquid lipsticks so much and I am obsessed with wearing this one:


SMLC10 – Monte Carlo


I’ve never finished a lipstick before but this one is getting empty and I am quiet sad about that!

Now to one of my absolutely new favourite lipsticks! I love the brand Manhattan. I love using their powders but I never tried their lipsticks. I recently strolled through my DM (like Superdrug) and found this bright gorgeous red. I just had to get it and I am so happy with it! Just look at it:

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Moisture Renew Lipstick 500 MUSE RED

I love to wear it so so much, it’s one of my favourites!

Let me know which one is your favourite and tell me your favourite reds in the comments.

Love, x




February favorites 

I haven’t done one of these in ages so I thought it was about time to do one again.

One of my absolutely favorites this month is Mary Poppins! At the end of January I watched the movie for the first time. 

And went to the musical version of it. 

I loved both so so much. Check out my blog post for the movie (here) and for the musical (here). I’ve done so many Mary Poppins inspired DIY’S this month. 

I really think February isn’t called February anymore, it should be called ‘Mary Poppins month’. I also went to a backstage tour which you can check out here.

But don’t you worry. Of course I can’t and will never stop loving the movie or the musical so there is a new baking/DIY blog post tomorrow featuring some Mary Poppins creations. 

As I said February really was the month of DIY’S. I love being creative and I had so much fun creating all these amazing things. You just have to scroll threw my blog to see what I’ve done this month. I am not going to stop doing DIY’s in March although I hope to bake a bit more this month. 

I also have a new favorite app to share. The app is called ‘Duolingo’ and you can learn so many different languages with it. I am currently learning Swedish and it is so much fun! If you want to learn something new I highly recommend that app. 

I also really loved instagram this month. I have an account for my blog so head over if you want to check it out. But don’t get mad I love posting stuff there so I post a lot. 

I am also so obsessed with filters this month. I have the Samsung galaxy s7 phone and as many phones you have different camera filter options. I never checked them out but they are so amazing! I love them so much and I love taking pictures with them. 

For make up I discovered a new make up routine routine (which you can check out here) and I am so obsessed with powder for foundation at the moment.


I also loved these shoes this month as well as my new skirt. Everytime I had the chance to wear them I did it!



For TV series I am loving limitless at the moment. It is such a funny series but also so gripping at the same time. I am still watching season one so please no spoilers. And ‘Germany’s next topmodel’ started 3 weeks ago and I love that show so much. I just grew up watching it.

Of course blogging is one of my favorites too. I uploaded nearly every day a blog post this month and it was so much fun and the response was so amazing so thank you for that! My blog really becomes like a diary for me which I love so much. I can’t understand how two months of the year already passed… and what crazy stuff I already did. I am so excited for what is coming next and of course I will share all of it with you. I never thought I would experience such an amazing community here. You all make blogging so exciting, thank you!

New foundation routine

I uploaded an update everyday make up routine (which you can check out here) a few weeks ago. Well, it changed again.

I have incredible dry skin. As a child (in school) I always got made fun of it, but it is so hard to improve it. After all of these years I am really happy how my skin developed and it became so much more softer and healthier. But wearing foundation is nearly impossible. You can really see the dry parts of my skin immediately after I applied a tiny drop of foundation.

I use so many face masks to get rid of my dry skin and they really help. So it was a lot better and sometimes my face looked really good with foundation, no dry parts. 

But it is winter so my skin changed completely and it became bad again. Not horrible but at the moment I can’t wear any foundations, it just looks not so nice.

So I tried to use just powder on my face and I love it. Of course it doesn’t give you as much coverage as a foundation, but as I said foundations never really worked for me, so this is kind of life changing.

First of all I apply concealer on to all my blemishes. 

Then I take my real techniques expert face brush. 

With my brush I apply my manhattan powder on to my face.

I am really happy with this and if you struggle with dry skin I would recommend checking it out. Of course I can’t speak of everybody and every skin is different, but in case it helps you, I really wanted to share it with you.

I wore just powder to the backstage tour and got so many compliments on it. Nobody saw that it literally was just powder on my face. I also went for breakfast with my friend the other day and she complimented my skin as well, so for me it really works. 

Let me know if you have any recommendations or make up tips.