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Yes yes yes yes yes! I still can’t believe it but I upgraded and my website is now called This is so exciting and I am so happy right now, so I just had to tell you. I also changed a few pictures on my blog like my profile picture and did a few other changes.

But the main question Why did I upgrade? So I wasn’t planning on doing this, this was quite spontaneous. Many bloggers upgrade there blog when they reached a certain number, which is totally fine, but I never had a number in my head. I also didn’t hate my blog name with the little at the end, I actually quiet liked it. But the main main thing why I really wanted to upgrade these last days was the storage space. I have a 128 GB memory card on my phone which is pretty much full already, so having only 3 GB here on wordpress was quite challenging. I love photos, I love taking them and sharing them with you. In my last posts I really had to think twice if I wanted to add another picture because of the storage space so I normally only added one or two. Now I can be a bit more photo-crazy which I missed so much. So that’s the main reason why I did it. Of course having my own name now is quiet cool too, but yeah that wasn’t the main reason for doing this.

I am super excited and happy with this little but big change and I hope you are too. Let me know what you think of my “new” website in the comments below.

Love, Glücksgeist

2018-01-13 01.46.24 1.jpg