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I missed my April favourites so I thought a current obsessions post could make up for it. I love these posts a lot and I am so excited to share my new and old obsessions with you. I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

Pink obsessed since 1997 – Part 2

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So many of you enjoyed my Pink obsessed since 1997 post. I love looking at old pictures so I thought that I just had to do a second part of this. I still can’t believe that I found so many pictures where I wear something pink, but that’s just so me.



I was so stylish as a child… I really love this jacket on the left, so cool.  I also love my outfit on the right. This was at the summer party of my kindergarten. I am so in love with my outfit! I think I should wear a headscarf more often!



I am not sure if this really was my birthday on the left, but I love my pink striped shirt. This definitely was my PJ but I am in love with it.  You have to pay attention to see my pink skirt on the right because it’s hidden by my cuddly toy. I really want to have a pink skirt again, looks so good.



I am not only sharing a pink outfit on the left but also my love for ‘Legoland’, a theme park. We’ve been there so so often when I was younger. We always had such a blast there. It’s kind of hard to see my outfit but I am pretty sure I am wearing the same kind of shirt I am wearing on the right. If you read my first post of my pink obsession pink obsession you maybe recognize this scenery. We’ve been to Denmark a lot and always stayed near the same town so we always would go to this park where you could feed deer. And of course you have to wear something pink otherwise the deer isn’t going to trust you 😉


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which outfit you liked the best and let me know your favourite colour now and as a child.

Love, x



My cactus obsession – cactus cookies 🌵

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If you read my May-favourites you know that I am recently so cactus obsessed because of an iced-lolly, yes. You know me and my obsessions….


Because of that I decided to start a little cactus-series to handle my new obsession. Last time I showed you my favourite cactus-prints (Check it out here).

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So today I thought it was time for some baking.

I am going to bake some cactus shaped cookies.


For this you need a cactus-cookie-cutter or a picture (like me) and some mini flower pots.

Processed with VSCO with  presetProcessed with VSCO with  preset

Start by making and baking your cookies. I used my trusty sugar cookie recipe.

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I let my cookies cool down and the added green icing on top.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

I think they turned out so cute. Let me know what you think of them in the comments.


Love, x


Pink obsessed since 1997

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You know me and my obsessions. I am cactus-obsessed, copper-obsessed and pink-obsessed. But if you think this started this year or maybe a year ago you are wrong. I can celebrate nearly 20 years of my pink-obsession because it started when I was a little child. Don’t believe me? Well I am going to prove you wrong with some nice old childhood-pictures.

We start a bit basic with a pink shirt on the left and my pink bathing-suit on the right. I was so fashion-trendy am I right? All the pictures I am going to show you today are taken in Denmark. I love Denmark so much and I want to go back for so bad.

Just realized that I am also wearing pink flip-flops on the left ;). 

Well I am looking pretty pink already with my pastel dress and pink cuddly toy on the left. And I even took it another step further on the right with my pink shirt and headscarf : I am rocking pink so much!

Pink 24/7! I even had pink PJs (left picture). But my favourite picture is the one on the right. Pink shirt and pink trousers! My mum told me that literally all I wanted to wear had to be pink… my obsessions started so early.

And that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed this little pink-throwback. What was your favourite colour when you were younger? Let me know in the comments.

Love, x