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If you follow my blog for a while you may remember my paint with me posts or better arty Monday. I haven’t really painted something since that. Last week I went to a shop with my sister and found this white canvas and it made me want to paint again so I bought it. I thought a little bit about what I want to paint but then I got inspired by my favourite people.

Wer meinen Blog schon etwas länger verfolgt, erinnert sich vielleicht noch an meine Mal-Posts. Ich hab seitdem nicht wirklich mehr gemalt. Als ich letzte Woche mit meiner Schwester bummeln gegangen bin, hab ich im 1-Euro-Shop eine Maltafel entdeckt. Ich hatte sie schon online gesehen, aber man weiß ja nie was man dort wirklich so findet. Ich hab sie natürlich gekauft und habe mich echt drauf gefreut wieder etwas zu malen. Nach längerem überlegen habe ich mich dann für ein Motiv entschieden.

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November favourites | Glücksgeist 

It’s time for my November favourites! I was quiet busy these last days so I didn’t find the time to write this post. But I love reading these so I really wanted to write mine.


At the end of November they released Animal crossing for your phone. I was super excited to start playing it and played it for hours because it is just too good. I really want to play it with my mum because we used to play it together as a family.


I bought all my Christmas presents on ASOS and had so many packages arriving at my house. I finished all my Christmas shopping and all I need to do is start saving some money now ;). But ASOS has some really great stuff so I am really happy with what I got for my family.


I really enjoyed baking this month. I baked some cakes, millionaire shortbread, gingerbread men and just had such a good time doing it. I always forget how much I love baking so it’s really nice to start it again.

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My mum ordered some stuff from Rituals and because she spent a certain amount of money she got two perfumes for free. She gave one of them to me and it’s my favourite perfume now. It smells so nice and fresh and the packaging looks so cute too.

2017-11-13 12.33.32 1.jpg

I got shorter hair now as you probably know so I am still figuring out how to style it the best. One thing I love to do is blow-dry my hair upside down. It gives my hair so much more volume and it looks super nice and soft.


I got a few new Hanni und Nanni (St. Clare’s series) this month and also re-read the ones I already had. I love this series so so much and I loved reading every single book I have again. It takes me back to my childhood and I just love it so much.

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I loved eating Broccoli this month, I know, call me crazy. I always loved eating Broccoli but we jus stopped having it for dinner for a while. I told my mum that I really want to eat it again and we had a Broccoli filled November which I loved.

I was also super obsessed with lemon cake in November. My mum has this specific cake tin wich you can put in the microwave so she baked a ton of delicious cakes this month and the lemon cakes were my favourites. Really want one right now!

I also ate so many Bounties in November. I always loved them and really fell back in love with them this month.


I watched the movie ‘Ramona and Beezus’ so many times this month. I absolutely love this movie. It’s one of my favourites and I really enjoyed watching it again because I haven’t seen it for quiet a while.

And I watched the Fack ju Göhte movies this month too. They are so funny and just such good movies, love them and the last one was too emotional!


I had a huge huge obsession with James Bay this month. I saw him live about one and a half years ago and he is just amazing. I loved listening to his album on my record player. It made me feel super happy.


I started to paint again in November. I haven’t painted for years and I am so happy I started it again because I really missed it. I love to be creative and I really missed being that. I have so many paintings which I painted myself on my walls now and I love looking at them. It makes me really proud that I created them myself and I am so happy you like them too.

Arty monday 

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I also loved my colouring book this month. I had so much fun creating all these different pages and colour schemes. Such a fun thing to do and super calming as well.

I also really enjoy using my instax mini camera at the moment. I ran out of films but my amazing mum got me some for my birthday this year and now I can finally take some photos again. They always turn out so cute and I love having them as a little memory.

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I discovered a new youtuber in November and omg, so obsessed with her. Her name is Rosie (MsRosieBea) and I absolutely love her channel. I became super obsessed with her, in a good way. I started painting because of her, bakes some goods because of her and had a Rosie-outfit week which was so much fun. I love watching her videos and get super excited by her new ones.

A week in Rosie outfits | Glücksgeist


I also absolutely loved Tess Christine’s Ireland travel vlog. She got engaged in Ireland and I was by far too excited by this. Tess is one of my all-time favs so I am really looking forward to her upcoming vlogs.

And I am also super obsessed with Niomi Smart. I am writing this in December so Vlogmas has started already and Niomi’s vlogmas is one of my favs. Love Zoe’s, Tanya’s but at the moment I get the most excited by hers.

I also loved watching/listening to Dan and Phil’s live streams. I always loved watching them but I fell back in love with them. Especially their gaming channel is one of my fav things to watch.

And I watched Lucy and Lydia’s Disney vlogs like crazy. I really want to go to Disneyland one day because there vlogs look like so much fun. Love these girls so much and yes, been super obsessed with them.


And that’s everything I loved this past month. I hoped you enjoyed this post. As always let me know what you loved this month in the comments below.

Love, x



blah~blah chessboard | arty monday 

I can’t believe this is my third art related post. I clearly enjoy painting at the moment! I love to share what I painted with you, so I am super excited for you to see today’s painting.

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As you know Rosie from MsRosieBea inspired me to start painting and she also inspired me with this painting. In her background she has this pink neon light which says Blah, Blah. I really love the look of it and wanted to get something like this myself, but then I thought I can recreate this with a painting and that’s what I did.

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I am really proud of this painting. I can’t say it’s my favourite one because I love all my paintings but I am really really happy with this one. I love the chessboard print that’s really in at the moment, so I really wanted to add this to my painting.

If you read my bullet journal posts you will know that I created a bucket list a few weeks ago. One of the things I really wanted to do in my life was to film a video and upload it to Youtube. I don’t care about numbers and this might be the only video I ever upload, but I really wanted to share the process of painting this picture with you.

I love the way my video turned out and I hope you enjoy watching it.

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Paint with me | Glücksgeist

As always let me know what you think of this in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed my new painting post.

Love, x




Black, white and butterflies | arty Monday 

Last week I showed you my first painting that I painted myself because of my new obsession with Rosie from MsRosieBea. After I finished my first painting, I immediately wanted to create another one and that’s what I did.

I wanted to go for a different vibe this time and I also wanted to include a print in my painting. After a few hours of looking through my photos I chose one and I am really happy with it.

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I glued it on and then started to paint. I wanted to have a dark and light side with some pastel and red colours. I didn’t think about a specific meaning but I guess we all have light and dark moments in our life.

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I added some butterfly sprinkles because I love butterflies and to remember that we are all still growing.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below.

Love, x