Road trip vibes | Glücksgeist

If you follow my blog for a while you may remember my paint with me posts or better arty Monday. I haven't really painted something since that. Last week I went to a shop with my sister and found this white canvas and it made me want to paint again so I bought it. I … Continue reading Road trip vibes | Glücksgeist

November favourites | Glücksgeist 

It's time for my November favourites! I was quiet busy these last days so I didn't find the time to write this post. But I love reading these so I really wanted to write mine. Apps At the end of November they released Animal crossing for your phone. I was super excited to start playing … Continue reading November favourites | Glücksgeist 

blah~blah chessboard | arty monday 

I can't believe this is my third art related post. I clearly enjoy painting at the moment! I love to share what I painted with you, so I am super excited for you to see today's painting. As you know Rosie from MsRosieBea inspired me to start painting and she also inspired me with this … Continue reading blah~blah chessboard | arty monday 

Black, white and butterflies | arty Monday 

Last week I showed you my first painting that I painted myself because of my new obsession with Rosie from MsRosieBea. After I finished my first painting, I immediately wanted to create another one and that's what I did. I wanted to go for a different vibe this time and I also wanted to include … Continue reading Black, white and butterflies | arty Monday