Recreating bloggers Instagram pictures – Part 2 | Glücksgeist

So many of you loved my first part of recreations. You asked for a second part and I really wanted to do a second part as well. So with the help of my mum and sister I recreating a few more pictures.

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My yellow Instagram feed | Glücksgeist

I love to read posts where people share all their recent Instagram photos. I think they are so much fun to read and I really wanted to do one for my last few photos today.

Momentan bin ich ein bisschen Foto-verrückt und lese unheimlich gerne Blog-Posts in denen Leute ihre Instagram Bilder zeigen. Ich finde das so interssant und spannend, deswegen wollte ich heute meine gelben Fotos die ich in letzter Zeit hochgeladen habe mit euch hier teilen.

At the moment I’m going for a yellow but also quite white feed and I’m loving it so much. I think it’s so much fun to play around with different editing apps and I really love the editing style I discovered recently.

Momentan lade ich Gelbe aber auch sehr weiße und ordentliche Bilder hoch, wenn das Sinn ergibt. Ich liebe es neue Apps auszuprobieren und meine Bilder unterschiedlich zu bearbeiten.

I really love to add dust onto my photos to make them look more vintage and I’ve been also playing around with colour editing a lot.

Mit einer App kann ich den sogenannten “dust” also so eine Art Staubkörner auf meine Bilder legen und so sehen sie älter aus und bekommen mehr Charakter, was ich echt liebe. Ich hab auch ein bisschen mit verschiedenen Farben gespielt und Farben bearbeitet usw, man kann echt viele tolle Sachen machen.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my recent pictures. Do you have a favourite one? Let me know in the comments below.

Mich würde es total freuen eure Meinung zu meinen Bildern zu hören. Lasst mir einfach ein Kommentar da.

Love, x

Recreating bloggers Instagram photos | Glücksgeist

So I wanted to do a post like this for literally ages. My photos never turned out any good and after a little break I thought it was time to try it again. I didn’t want to go for any YouTubers this time. Instead I chose a few of my favourite bloggers and recreated their photos. Really excited for you to see them.

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The light-effect secret – best photo app | Glücksgeist

I love to share new obsessions with you and since I heard of this app I am just so obsessed with it. I saw so many cool photos on Instagram with these so cool-looking light effects in them. I downloaded an app to recreate it but it never looked right. Then I watched some YouTube videos and finally discovered the secret.

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