My Dreaming out loud bracelets | Glücksgeist

I got super lucky with having the most amazing mum ever. She always gets us something for Easter and she kept saying that she’s so exciting to see my reaction when I open my present. I had no idea what she got for me and I was really excited but I so did not have…… Continue reading My Dreaming out loud bracelets | Glücksgeist

Easy and quick Gift idea | Glücksgeist

Christmas was just around the corner, but there are still more things to celebrate like birthdays. You can’t run out of gift ideas, so I thought I share a simple but super nice one with you today. I made this for my friend for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. All you need for this…… Continue reading Easy and quick Gift idea | Glücksgeist

My first brown lipstick

I saw so many people wearing brown lipsticks and I loved the look of them, but I didn’t think they would look good on me. My amazing mum got me a brown lipstick for my birthday and omg! When I saw it I was so excited and now I am obsessed with a brown lip.…… Continue reading My first brown lipstick