A yellow spring HAUL | Glücksgeist

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Probably all of you know about my yellow obsession by now. I am loving the colour yellow a lot lately and I do have a few yellow items in my closet. BUT really only a few which is a great excuse to buy new clothes. I love sharing the things I got so let’s start with this very yellow haul.

The most epic bag |Glücksgeist

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I found the most amazing bag a few weeks ago. During my pull&bear online shopping trip I saw so many amazing things and of course ordered them. I wasn’t looking for a bag at that time but then I went on Instagram and pull&bear posted a picture of this bag. I immediately fell in love with it and just had to get it.

So I placed a second order and finally got the most amazing bag ever. I am so excited to use it and just share it with you. Although I own quite a few bags I haven’t got a bag in this size and in this design so a perfect purchase.

It’s a freaking cassette bag!! How cool does this look?! I was a cassette girl and to be honest I still love them. I used to listen to them every single day on repeat. Recently I bought my favourite cassettes tapes back because I got rid of them but really wanted to have them for memories and to show them my children one day. Because of that this bag is perfect for me and for every cassette/tape lover. I am so happy I got it and it wasn’t that expensive either.

What do you think of my new bag? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

Current obsessions |Glücksgeist

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Although I love monthly favourites they often take too long to arrive and by the time they’re there, some of my “favourites” aren’t up-to-date anymore. Because of that I decided to change things up and share my current obsessions with you today.

I hope you enjoy this post. As always let me know what things you’re obsessed with.

Before I start important question: When should I upload my blog posts? Atm I’m uploading them at 3 pm German time, but I’m thinking about posting them later. Let me know what you think of that in the comments below.

Pull&Bear Haul |Glücksgeist

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I went shopping again. After I send so much of my ASOS order back, I had another browse and found the most amazing things on Pull&Bear. This brand is super affordable so I got quite a few things for a really good price.

I am going to do this Haul like my last one, so pretty casual. You can check out my last one here.