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I can’t even describe to you how I excited I was to do this tag with my sister and how excited I am to share the answers with you. I love reading these posts and I really wanted to have a go on one of these myself so thanks Belli for doing this with me. I hope you enjoy this post.

Belli = my sister Anni = me

Who is the oldest?

Belli: I’m the youngest you’re the oldest.

What do you like and hate about your sister?

Belli: what I like about my sister is that she’s always there for me and that she always loves me even when we argue. And you can write that I don’t hate anyhting about you and I am not just saying that I really mean it. How cute can she be?!

Anni: I love that my sister is just her. She’s so unique in a really good way and I love that she mostly doesn’t care too much about what other people might think.

What do you and your sister have in common?

Belli: we’re both active on Instagram. Are you serious?! 🤣 we like to help other people and we are girls. So original love her!

Anni: we both can be really funny and also really miffed quite easily.

What’s your funniest memory?

Belli: every time I have the hick ups, when we both watch shows together and laugh like crazy.

Anni: we do have so many good memories. I love every single time we just burst out in laughter.

What do you and your sister do for fun?

Belli: we just look at each other and laugh. Watch movies or shows from when we were younger and just laugh about them.

Anni: just watching things, videos and laugh. High school musical is on the list.

Describe your sister in one word

Belli: unique

Anni: unique

What’s your nickname?

Belli: anni

Anni: Belli!!

Who keeps a cleaner room?

Belli: you!!!

Anni: sometimes you can’t really enter my sister’s room, so I would say me.

What does your sister think about the most?

Belli: about your blog

Anni: Nick Jonas/ Justin bieber

Who reads more?

Belli: you!

Anni: me I love a good book

What is something you like to do together?

Belli: watching different things together. I like to tell you about the videos I watch and it’s so funny because you don’t watch them and don’t get what I mean. You do the same thing too though.

Anni: I love to go on little adventures with my sister. Exploring or just go to the supermarket.

What’s your favorite makeup beauty product / brand?

Belli: essence (if I don’t have money), maybelline( if I have a little money to spend) concealer must have because of my under eyes.

Anni: mine is Nyx and Manhattan

What is your sister really bad at?

Belli: you can’t whistle. That’s actually so cute thay she said that and nothing mean.

Anni: being organized. My sister forgets anything.

What’s the best thing about one another?

Belli: that you always help me when I need help.

Anni: That she’s always there for me when I need her.

Who takes longer to get ready?

Belli: Me (not sure about that), well it depends. I always run late so if we had to get ready in 10 minutes I could do that easily, but if we have to be somewhere at a specific time I always run late.

Anni: I would have said myself but I just start way earlier to get ready than her.

Heels or flats?

Belli: flats

Anni: flats, we’re both quiet tall already.

Last thing you talked about?

Belli: Nick Jonas, Justin bieber

Anni: I showed her a new app I discovered.

Are you close?

Belli: Yes. I think we’re definetly closer than other siblings.

Anni: Yes! I love my sister so much she’s amazing.

One thing you can do that your sister can’t?

Belli: you’re more organized.

Anni: My sister can dance I don’t really feel comfortable doing that. She’s also a bit more adventurous than I am and doesn’t care about things like I do.

What’s a weird habit of your sister?

This question wasn’t answered so cute anymore:D.

Belli: there s too many embarrassing things

Anni: agree!

What was your biggest fight or argument?

Belli: we never argue about big things.

Anni: we fight about stupid little things every now and then, but nothing big.

Describe the last thing you did with your sister.

Belli: we went to see fack ju goehte 3.

Anni: just went to the shop for a little browse.

Complete this statement: “My sister is…”

Belli: My sister is the best sister in the entire world. That’s really what I thought first, I promise!

Anni: My sister is amazing! I am so happy to have her in my life.

Belli: do you want to ask me Anyhring else?

My sister normally hates helping me with my blog but guess who enjoyed this? 😀

I am so happy with all the answers. My sister was just too cute which isn’t always the case, but bless her. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x

Sister time – the best time

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Some of you may not know that I have a little sister. She’s definetly the best sister in the entire world and I love her so so much! I love spending time with her and we always have so much fun together. 

I really wanted to share what we’ve been up to together this summer to keep this as a memory on my blog.

Watching Hanni und Nanni (St. Clares)

My sister first didn’t want to watch these movies because she saw them already but then we watched all 3 movies together and I have them on replay since that day. I love watching these movies with my sister and the third one is so funny! We just sit on the couch laughing. I read the books when I was younger and they were my favourite books so seeing the story on a big screen feels really weird because I feel really old now.

Laughing with my sister

My sister is so cute and always gets the hick ups whenever she starts laughing which normally leads to more laughing. Some of the best laughing moments I had with my sister and I love remembering them.

Durch die Wildnis

We love to watch this series where 6 teenagers go on a adventure in one country and have to do different task. They sleep in tents and live 4 weeks without phones, internet and stuff like that. We have so so much fun watching it together because it’s so funny. We watched it the whole evening yesterday and laughed so much because there are quiet a few cringe-moments. This was one of my favourite days this summer because it felt so special to me.

Cooking with my sister

Normally I cook for both of us but I love when my sister stands beside me and we just talk and laugh because I always make a little mess. We have such good conversations whilst cooking.

Talking at the same time and filling in each other’s sentences

This sounds more crazy than it is, but we do have a few inside jokes. We watch a few tv series together and we love to quote them.


My sister normally doesn’t like being touched, but sometimes she just sits next to me and hugs me and it always melts my heart and makes me so happy. She can be so cute! 😉

Dancing and singing together

Whenever they play a good song on the radio we turn up the volume and we sing and dance together. It’s so much fun! I hate singing in front of other people and I also don’t dance but with my sister I can do that and we just burst out into laughing because of our great (not) moves.

Do you have siblings? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


A nice sunny day with my sister (and mum)

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April the first 

Today was a pretty chilled day, but it was so sunny and nice outside that I really wanted to go outside for a bit and take some nice pictures. My sister first didn’t want to join me but then she went outside with me.

Processed with VSCO

We walked to a place where loads of trees are and took some really cool pictures.

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

My mum was a bit shocked when we said we are going outside for a bit because we never do that 😀 we are such city girls.

But I think it is really important to breathe some fresh air and to just walk around for a bit.

I also loved and was so happy that my sister joined me. During the week we often don’t have a chance to do much together, which is a bit sad. So I was so happy that she spent the day with me and although she didn’t want to go outside she went with me.

And my sister and I now have a few more nice pictures together. (My sister never wants to take pictures together or of her so this was really exciting).

I also took my mum’s pink jacket with me. That jacket is so beautiful! I love pink and I really want to have something pink now too.

Outfit of the day:


I really had such a nice day with my mum and my sister. ❤ I am so so thankful to have them both in my life.

Processed with VSCO


And to end this amazing day my mum cooked some Chinese  (it tasted so so delicious) and we played some Rommé. I lost but I had so much fun playing and I was winning until the last round ;). But my mum won and that was completely fine!

I hope you had/have an amazing day too.

Let me know in the comments what you did or going to do today.