Dreaming out loud |Glücksgeist

I recently shared a post about my favourite youtubers with you. One of them is the amazing Hailey from Bryce + Hailey. I love their channel so so much and Hailey has the best style and both of them share the most amazing personalites. Hailey's Instagram account is called 'Dreaming out loud' and I love … Continue reading Dreaming out loud |Glücksgeist

Things that made me happy in February |Glücksgeist

I shared my happiness journal from January a few weeks ago with you and so many of you liked it, so I decided to do the same for February. You will see that food is one of the main things that makes me happy, but I think that's totally okay. February 1, 2018: Going to … Continue reading Things that made me happy in February |Glücksgeist

🌻 Sunflower cake 🌻

I am currently so obsessed with sunflowers! I think sunflowers are such happy-making flowers. I look at them and immediately feel so much better. 🌻 Sunflower obsession/- tag 🌻 Because of my little-big obsession, I decided to bake a sunflower cake. Because the middle of the flower is so dark I went for a chocolate … Continue reading 🌻 Sunflower cake 🌻

🌻 Sunflower obsession/- tag 🌻

I have a new obsession: SUNFLOWERS. I always liked them, but now I love them. They are such bright flowers and looking at them makes me so happy. I am also so obsessed with them because literally everybody is uploading pictures of them. If you follow my blog for long enough you will know that every obsession … Continue reading 🌻 Sunflower obsession/- tag 🌻