Liebster Award – catching up | Glücksgeist

I got nominated for a lot of awards. I really can't do them all in one post anymore because there are too many, so I thought I better break it down and share my answers to the liebster award today with you. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you Share 11 facts about yourself Answer the … Continue reading Liebster Award – catching up | Glücksgeist

Versatile, entertainer, awesome blogger recognition award ~ 8 |Glücksgeist

I am finally catching up with all the awards I've been nominated for. So today I am doing the Versatile and the entertainer blogger award. So let's start with the first one! Thanks again to all the lovely bloggers who nominated me for these awards, I really appreciate it. The Rules Of Versatile Blogger Award! … Continue reading Versatile, entertainer, awesome blogger recognition award ~ 8 |Glücksgeist

🌻 Sunflower obsession/- tag 🌻

I have a new obsession: SUNFLOWERS. I always liked them, but now I love them. They are such bright flowers and looking at them makes me so happy. I am also so obsessed with them because literally everybody is uploading pictures of them. If you follow my blog for long enough you will know that every obsession … Continue reading 🌻 Sunflower obsession/- tag 🌻

Get to know me 

The lovely Hannacole nominated me for the 'Get to know me tag'. The tag was started by stomper dad. 1. Who are you named after?  No one, but my parents originally wanted to call me 'Katharina'. My cousine was born a few weeks before me and was named Katharina so my parents changed it to Ann-Kathrin. 2. Do … Continue reading Get to know me