Bubble sheet mask review | Glücksgeist

I wanted to try this mask since my mum got it from Urban Outfitters. She mostly ordered it to get free shipping (who does that too?) and of course we kept it because I LOVE face masks. This mask is quite unusual and I saw so many YouTube’s try these that I was really excited to try it myself.

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Decorating my room |Glücksgeist

When I was younger I always had to change my room every couple of months. I always got super bored with it and wanted a change and something different. I always loved the process of rearranging my room, I mean, it’s such an exciting thing to do.

Now that I am older I am quiet happy with how my room looks at the moment. I haven’t really changed something except for pictures in months, maybe also years. My mum moved recently and now my sister and I have a completely new room together so now I really fell back in love with room-decorating.

My mum ordered this shower curtain a few weeks ago. I immediately loved the design and it turned out that the shower curtain was fabric not plastic or anything that wouldn’t get soaked with every shower. I said to my mum that she can still keep it and hang it onto the wall and she asked me if I want to have it in my room, of course I said yes! It’s the most epic thing I’ve ever had on my walls and I am super happy with it. Plus it’s an amazing background for photos.

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I am so so in love with it and it adds something so nice to my room. I love all the colours and it makes me super happy just looking at it.

What do you think of my new room accessory? Let me know in the comments below.


2018-01-13 01.46.24 1.jpg

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DIY – bowl 

Is it just me or do you loose all your bobby pins too? I am so bad at keeping them in place, so I really wanted to have a little bowl where I can put them. I saw some cool ones at Urban Outfitters but I am currently trying to save some money so I thought I could do it myself.

I bought this Modelling Clay.

I used them as a child so much but the ones I had left completly dried out. I just went for a white one because I wanted to paint a pattern myself on the bowl. 

So first of all you need a bowl you can put in the oven to get the shape of the bowl.

Take some of the Modelling Clay and bring it in the shape of a little ball. 

Then you need to flatten the bowl with a rolling pin or what ever you can find.

I didn’t have enough clay to build the whole bowl so I took a mug to cut out the shape.

After this put the cut out shape into the bowl and put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 110 degrees Celsius. Keep checking on it so it won’t burn.

Let the bowl cool down and then take your shaped and baked clay out.

As I said I went for one colour so I wanted to paint some pattern on to the bowl. 

I love how it turned out! And it was so easy and fun to do.

What I bought and how I like it 👖👕👠👜👗

Yes, I bought some new stuff, but it’s not my fault. All the shops around where I work have SALE….

First of all I got this lovely shirt from my mum from H&M, I absolutely love it.


I wore it multiple times and it just looks so gorgeous. You need to wear something underneath though.. 😂

And I got this dressing gown from my mum (RESERVED) 😍 too.


I wanted one for so long and it’s the softest thing you will ever feel ❤. I would live in this if I could….

Then for trousers I got these ones, the dark blue ones are from my mum as well🙊(from H&M).


I really love to wear them because they feel so light and soft. The only thing is when you sit down with them for a bit and then stand up, you can see where your knees were before and it won’t go away anymore. 

The dungarees are from RESERVED.


I wanted to have some for so long 😍 and I wore them to the James Bay concert (outfit of the week post is coming soon).

Prepare yourself for the comfiest jeans you will find on this planet 😍. I found them at Urban Outfitters and I am so in love with them.

Although I washed them and they still smell like ‘new’, so maybe you need to wash them a few times until they smell a bit nicer 😂.

I also got some shorts which now cost half the price ✌, good one but still love them so much 😉.


And I got some new skirts too.

My mum bought me this one from urban outfitters which is so nice of her and I love the skirt so much 😍.

I also got another skirt but I always forget to take a proper photo of it… so here you go, hope you can see it. 😂 (Sorry for the headphone string in the picture).


I saw this skirt on Zoe (Zoella) and loved it. So I had to get it. 😎 (Asos)

And I wore it for the first time to a concert of a German group and loved it 😍.

Now my most favorite thing at the moment is this:

It’s a short romper from urban outfitters.  I saw this one for weeks but it was so expensive. And now I’ve got this for half the price 😍😍 so happy ❤.

I wore this romper a couple of times now and it is my favorite thing ever 😍. I so love the colour and how it looks on me. Best thing ever. 😍

And I also got some shirts because you can never have enough shirts in your closet.😃


Mango ☝

I literally live in this shirt ❤. It is the most comfy shirt you will ever have and feels just so nice 😍. Because of that it is my PJ shirt at the moment ✌.



I don’t like coffee… ☕

And I got a jumper from ‘Mango’. I know it’s technically summer but the weather has been crazy so…


I really love the jumper it is so comfy and nice and you feel like you get huged. 😉

I got some really nice shoes from Urban too. I don’t quiet know how to wear them but they are still amazing 😂.

I still don’t really know how to tie them around my legs… I love them so much but I have to figure that out because I still haven’t wore them yet.

And I also got a new bag 😍😍😍.



I literally use this bag every single day because I am so obsessed with it 😍. Had to wash it because I spilled oil on it from my pizza, but the bag looks like nothing happened to it ✌.


On Asos I found this lovely little mirror. I don’t have any mirrors in my room so I got this little one from River island.



If you get this I would leave it outside for a bit because it really smells like ‘new’, if you know what I mean.

You guys know how much I love Asos because you can find anything you will ever need.

I really like the selection of birthday cards or cards in generale, so I ordered a few just to be prepared.

This one is for my good friend, I think the card is so cool. 😉

She really loved the card 😍.

This one is for my mum because she has so many shoes and when I saw the card I had to get it for her 😂❤.

And I got these candles, how gorgeous are they 😍.  I’m planning on putting them on the birthday cake for my friend.

I actually had to cut them in half because they were to tall for my cake but more info on my next post.

And I got two new books which I am so excited about 😍😍😍.

All the bright places, everybody keeps saying how good it is so I am excited to give it a read.

So far I love this book like really love it. The topic of the book is death and the lost of a loved person in your life and how to deal with it and I just love both main characters so much 😍.

And because I absolutely love Jojo Moyes especially ‘Me before you’ and ‘After you’ I wanted to read a few more books of her so I got this one (‘Honeymoon in Paris’)

Can I just say how cute this book was, like 😍. Really enjoyed reading that. Although I wish it was a bit longer because I smashed that in an hour 😂.

But thankfully my mum ordered me the proper book ( the one I read was about what happened before the main story ).

And there are so cute images included.

Really want to go to Paris now ❤.

I’m really obsessed with Dan (Danisnotonfire) and Phil (AmazingPhil) so I had to get their book which is so far really funny and really interesting.  I finally know how tall they are 🤔. They always say that they are giants but my dad and my brother are taller 😂.

They are so amazing and make me so happy ❤. Did you guys saw Dan’s new video where he roasts himself? Absolutely amazing and so funny 😂😂 watched it about ten times already.

And the two fanfiction stories with they wrote for their book are just so hilarious. OMG! Please give them a read 😂😂.

That was everything I purchased over the last few weeks and I think it is enough for now. Although New Look offers 20% at the moment. Why are you doing this to me….. :D.

(Order will arrive next week… 😂)

Hope you have a nice day whenever you are reading this ❤🌞.