My current obsessions #3| Glücksgeist

I thought it was time to share my new obsessions with you. I am a person who gets obsessed really easy with anything and I love to share these things with you. Favourites posts are really fun to write but waiting for the end of the month is just impossible for me, so I am … Continue reading My current obsessions #3| Glücksgeist

vAmpiRE maiL – ALfREd answered

June 24, 2017  Yes! Another musical-actor answered my letter and omg! This is probably the most amazing answer ever! I wrote a letter to Gonzalo Campos who plays 'Alfred' in 'Tanz der Vampire'. He did such an amazing job that my mum, sister and I were so amazed by him. I saw the play for the … Continue reading vAmpiRE maiL – ALfREd answered

Backstage tour – Tanz der Vampire 

June 17, 2017 Today I went to the backstage tour of my favourite musical. Two days ago I did the exact same thing with my amazing mum and amazing sister and I was a little bit disappointed. If you read my Mary Poppins backstage tour review you will know that this made my day, week, … Continue reading Backstage tour – Tanz der Vampire 

Writing to the vampires 

I've recently saw my favourite musical Tanz der Vampire for the third time. I had such an amazing evening which you can check out here. Because of that I really wanted to write a letter to my favourite characters: The Count von Krolock, Herbert and Alfred. I love writing letters. I think it's such a nice thing to … Continue reading Writing to the vampires